Santa Parade & misc

Today was Fremont's Santa Parade, what a joke. Okay so my boys got to walk in it with their Cub Scout Pack that is cool but otherwise... Let me explain, downtown Fremont is about 3 blocks long compared to downtown Deland. So when you are standing at the end by the park you can see the fire trucks pulling out of their parking lot. The parade started at 10 am... The boys had walked it and the entire parade was over in less than 30 minutes. How weird is that? Lol. But they get a patch for participating which is exciting for them. I am dissappointed in Xavier's den though because barely anyone showed up including the main Den leader. After the parade we all met at the park downtown for cocoa and doughnuts and to play on the playground for a few minutes.

This weekend is pretty boring, Joel is in Kalamazoo at a training conference/ball. While we are hanging out here at the house. He gets to come home tomorrow and as far as he knows he can leave and head back when he wakes up. Which is what he is planning on doing, lol. I think he wishes he was here with us at the house as much as we do.

I was planning on baking some pies, pumpkin rolls and stuff now so it is ready for Thanksgiving Day. But not sure if I will, maybe after a nap :-)

They came - They came

It's fixed! It's fixed! The furnace guy showed up as my last post was uploading and he said we should not have any problems with it now. So... I pray I hope. I feel a lot better!! I just hope it stays working.

Micah - school photo

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it's cold & other musings

I hope.. I pray.. that the furnace is now fixed. It is running for the time being so that is a good thing. However if it acts up again then we are pretty much stuck until Friday afternoon because that is the soonest the furnace guys can come to look at it. So we are hoping and praying...

It is warmer today and will be a little warmer tomorrow according to the last weather report I heard but who knows. It changes daily here.

Xavier did not go to the ENT today because I had to cancel the appointment because of the insurance. But we were able to get that all worked out so he is going on Monday.

Other than that... school is going well. Xavier is sick so he has only done a little bit today but that is okay. Micah passed Chapter 15's Math Test. So he is 1/2 way done with the book and will be able to review perimeter and probably take the next test Friday. I figured he would probably need the next book by January but at this rate he will probably be needing it by December. Which is great but means I need to order it - aghh there is $50. The only positive thing is when Xavier moves to the next book I will only have to buy the student set because I will already have the teacher's manual & dvd. I am debating on buying the tm though because I have the dvd and so I may just get the student book because I can use the dvd to see how to present the lesson if I have a problem. That will save me $30 :-)We still have not found a spelling program I really want to try but I found some books at the library which are helping.

I did go to the Dr. yesterday and everything still looks good and there is nothing new to report there. I lost a couple of pounds but that is okay because I had gained quite a few within 2 weeks at my last visit. So I am right on target.

That's about all for now.


and no I did not watch a pirate movie. Our furnace was still acting up all day. Hopefully, Lord willing the problem is now solved. I pray! It was not the thermostat - Joel checked it out. It has come down to this box thing which if it does not continue to work then it will need replaced. It is just frustrating because the temps outside is about 40 (that was the high for today) and the house has been about 50. We finally saw a brief snowfall this evening but by the time the boys finished dinner and got dressed it had stopped. They are hoping it snows tonight so they can play in it tomorrow. I am praying for warmth, lol. Our forcast says (unfortunately) that there is more cold days ahead - Arrr - the highest we should see this week is Wed. with a whole 48 degrees.

Anyways, not a lot has been happening here. We have been fighting with the furnace, went to church with our neighbor (boys' loved it - Joel and I are not as thrilled). It was a pentacostal church and we just are not pentacostal people :-) Today we went looking for a space heater just to supplement our heat but I have no idea what kind to get. We did our school work and read a bunch of books. Now we are just hanging out.

Oh - I finally made Beef Tips & Gravy for dinner. It turned out good but I think the meat probably could have simmered a little longer. Oh well next time it will be better. I have had the recipe from MIL for years but never made it because of my inability to make gravy. But I have finally learned how - so I gave it a go.

The boys took a few pictures today so I will try to get them uploaded soon so I can post a couple of them. Until later - Nite!
Micah decided to add some bling to his mouth... Granted it is only a quarter but he was having fun goofing off before we left for Home School Time Out.

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Rock Star

Xavier says this is his "Rock Star" hairstyle. I want to know if this is considered emo?

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Another Cold Day

The beginning of the week was chilly but not to bad now it is getting cold again. According to the weather man this is the weather we should be having at the end of November not October. As far as I am concerned it is the weather we should have in January right before it starts to warm up, lol. the worst part is not the cold but not seeing the sun.

Xavier goes to the ENT next Wednesday. So hopefully we will find out then what is causing his lymph node to swell and hopefully it just has to finish healing and it is no big deal.

School has been a hit and miss this week. Things here while not as hectic just have not been up to par. We did most of our school while doing laundry yesterday. I got a few funny looks at first by some of the older women there (guess they aren't use to homeschoolers). But the one lady kept watching us as the boys recited their memory work; definitions for nouns, proper nouns, pronouns & verbs; listed some pronouns & made up sentences using them; figured out the square footage of the laundry mat and we all played "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" as it was on the tv there. It was fun though. The boys helped with laundry of course. When we do finally get a washer & dryer they wil be able to do their own laundry or help me with it. The only thing they need help with some is folding. Which is cool. After we got home they played and hung out and I finally tackled the office and it is DONE!! YES!! Even Joel was impressed with how straight and clean it is. I need to get a surge protector then both computers will be useable. So the boys will soon be able to play some of their computer games that we have. Now the big area of attack is the upstairs bedroom which we use as a storage room/closet. The only problem is that room is so cold that I really don't want to go in there and do anything with it. But I need to so I will sometime in the near future.

I don't think I am nesting yet but I know what I want to have accomplished before the baby arrives and that has been my motivation. So maybe I am... just a little?

Today we have some school to do and the boys have Time Out this afternoon. Plus we need to return some library books. There is nothing majorly pressing to do we have a few things on the days agenda. So I better get moving - hope you have a wonderful & blessed day!

Field Trip - Farm Market

The field trip to Nelson's Farm Market was a blast. We got to walk through the apple orchard and learn a little about apples. Then the boys got to pick a 1/2 peck each. I am not sure what a peck is though but that's the size of the bag they had, lol. The apples are delicious!! So juicy!! Afterwards we went on a hayride through the fields and pumpkin patch then got to pet and feed some animals. Before we left Micah bought some jerky and Xavier decided to try a caramel apple. MMMmmmm good! I forgot my camera (silly me) but that's okay. We had fun and enjoyed looking at all the different veggies and things there.
I finally got this uploaded! Micah took this awhile back ago but thought I would share it. We are making a photo cd of a bunch of different pictures and will send it out soon.

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Prayer Request

Xavier's lymph node (in front of his ear) is still swollen and the Dr. is sending him to an Ear Nose Throat specialist now. It doesn't bother him unless he bumps it or if we press it accidentally when giving him a hug... But it is definitely still swollen and now it's bruised looking. Luckily his eyelid and the lymph node behind his ear has gone down but the one in front is not pretty. So please keep him in your prayers.


This is from a week ago when it snowed (I think it was Thursday)
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Cold & Snow?

I told my dear hubby it is time for us to go to FL for the winter. It has been cold; last week we were in the 30's and luckily we have been in the 50's this week. Last week it snowed (more like sleet if you ask me) but Micah & Xavier were very impressed. Except Micah says it freezes your hands (he didn't have snow gloves on & the store was sold out). We got the boys their gloves yesterday (the last 2 pairs in the store). Plus they now have boots and Micah got a new jacket so Xavier is wearing the one his wonderful aunt lent us! So now they will be ready come next Monday when it is suppose to snow again.

Snow in October - what the heck? I want my FL or GA weather!!!

Unfortunately Xavier does not yet realize that no matter how hard he tries to go outside in a t-shirt it just is not going to cut it. So we argue all the time about him putting on a jacket. Not to mention - what do you mean I have to wear thermal underwear?

Micah on the other hand who was debating on living here when he grows up is now opting for beach weather and the south - takes after his grandparents! You should all be proud!

Baby News

Well, I went to the Dr. and he is not changing my due date but I think he is going to be keeping an eye on me none-the-less. Since he is having me come in next week (2 weeks from when I saw him last). All my tests and the ultrasound looked good. I am getting bigger, but Joel says I am not as big as I was (yet) when I had Micah or Xavier but I have a couple of months to go :-) However I weigh more now then I did when I delivered either of the boys. 129 lbs. at my last visit - ughh!! That's okay though. He is a kicking and a moving and when he gets on a roll you can see my stomach going all over the place which is funny. The boys are excited - even Micah. They both come up and put their heads on my tummy and tell me what the baby is saying and try to get him to kick them in the head, lol. Silly kids ;-)

Soccer Photo

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Update on the Boys!

Hello!! I know it has been over a month since I have posted and I will try to get better at posting on a more regular basis. It is has been hard getting to it between us having dial up and my laziness ;-) I was debating on starting an actual family newsletter but haven't decided yet if it would be a good idea or not.

Anyways, the boys have been having a blast at soccer. Their last game was this past Saturday and they won! Their final scores was 2 wins & 2 losses. Not bad at all. The nice thing about the way soccer is done here is come spring they will be on the same team again.

Micah & Xavier are in cub scouts now. Micah is a Bear & Xavier is a Wolf. They both are enjoying it and are looking forward to the Halloween Party and Cub Scout Hike. After going through their books though I figured they will earn their Wolf & Bear badge in no time since 1/2 the stuff in the books they do naturally. There are only a few things that they will really have to learn. Then they can work on the arrow points. But first we have to get the Bobcat Badge, the only thing they need to do to earn that is continue practicing the Promise & Law of the Pack the rest of the requirements they have completed.

School is going well. We are finishing up our Pilgrim/Thanksgiving studies and are still working on the colonies and colonists. We spent the last month learning about trees and they are currently making a poster about what they have learned. We have been using a lot of library books for science and history. We are moving back to the human body in science with an emphasis on nutrition & health and will focus on that for the next month. Then move on to Atoms, Molecules & Elements in December. Math & grammar are going well. Micah is whizzing through his book and will be starting on the next book in Dec. while Xavier is right on pace in his book. We are reviewing and filing in gaps in their grammar lessons right now but plan to be in the 4th grade book by January. The only thing we really need to find to complete their schooling is a good spelling program. The boys go to gym every Friday for 2 hours. They are making friends and having a blast playing pool, air hockey, indoor hockey and other games. Today we are going on a field trip to Nelson's Farm Market (provided it stops raining). They will get to tour the farm, have a hay ride and buy some fruit/veggies and next week they get to go to a Honey Farm. Which should be interesting.

For the most part school is chugging along at a good rate and we are all are enjoying it.

A Dreary Saturday

It is a dreary day here in Fremont. I am hoping it clears up some as tonight is the family picnic for the local homeschool group and we were looking forward to going. I am not sure how long we will actually stay it doesn't start until 5 and Joel will be home sometime this evening and without seeing him all day (he had to work) we would really like to spend some time with him. So worse comes to worse we will probably go for an hour or 2 and then head out so we can get home to Dad. Plus we have a rummy game scheduled :-)

We have had a nice birthday week. Chuck E Cheese was a total surprise for Micah and both of the boys had a blast. Thursday was their first soccer practice. Which they enjoyed and it was so good for them to be able to be around kids there age. We went and got the soccer shoes and shin guards. Plus they got a free soccer ball. Which they can't wait until tomorrow because Dad said he would practice with them after church.

I think we are going to go to the same church as last Sunday. I am not sure if that is the church we will end up at but I am praying that the Lord will put us at the right church real soon.

I got our wall timeline hung back up. I had to remake it because of the move plus I lost some of our "event cards". So I made some new ones up and the boys put them on today. We are running the entire line from Creation - Today. It is hanging on the wall going up the stairs. Originally I wanted it in the dining room but I think the hall is better because we all pay more attention to it. Plus it is right at the boys level. We can even sit on the stairs and work on it. Which is nice. The one thing I would like to do is figure out how to incorporate a family tree into it. Which is kind of difficult. So we may have to make a special one just for the tree.

The boys are now building a fort in the living room and I am going to go clean a little. So I don't have to worry about coming home to a messy house. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

That time of year..

It is that time of year again... Micah is turning 9 tomorrow and I am in shock that time has flown by! He is excited of course, although we tried to convince him that they have cancelled all birthdays for children under the age of 20. He didn't buy it. We went and got the cake mix and icing so I will make his cake tonight after dinner. So it is all ready for tomorrow. I gave a couple of suggestions for his birthday menu and he has agreed to:
Breakfast~ Pancakes & Bacon
Lunch~ He thinks he's having Ramen (haha - he doesn't know that Dad and I have a surprise for him.)
Dinner~ Manicotti & Garlic Cheese Biscuits

Unfortunately for him - school is not stopping and he will still have his chores to do.

With the smell of Autumn in the air we have revamped the way the house is run: from scheduling to chores and keeping a menu. I have been revamping my household manual and Joel has been helping me iron out a few of the kinks.

Our first was chores. This has always been a sore spot. Not because the boys didn't ever do any they just did not seem very consistent (parents fault). So we started a new chore system which I recently learned about. It is from the book Managers of Their Chores. We are using Chore Packs. What is that? Well to put it simply... their chores for Morning/Afternoon/Evening are in a plastic pouch which they can clip on to their shirt or pants. When it is chore time (we have a schedule) they take their packs and use them to see what they must do and in what order as their chores are numbered. This eliminates the need to constantly look at a chart or mark things off as they do them. When a chore is complete they put it in the back of the pack and go to the next one. Part of the process is learning how to actually do certain chores individually like cleaning the bathroom. So they know what is expected the chores are listed wipe sink,counter, clean toilet, ect. Eventually they will move up to clean bathroom as a chore and not have each step laid out for them because they will know how to do it.

Also we have started an allowance. This is not tied to their chores. Every couple of weeks we take the recycling down and they get paid what they make out of the recycling. On average they make approx. $10-$15 every 2 weeks. Which is not to bad as far as they are concerned. The only catch is... Joel & I have final say on what they can buy (I do not like Ed, Edd & Eddy - so that video game is a no)and they need to save $2 for offering ($1 a week). Other than that they are pretty free to do with it what they want.

The other book which has greatly helped is MOTH (Managers of Their Homes. This has been a real eye opener in trying to schedule our day with school, housekeeping, errands and other odds & ends. I am in the process of tweaking our schedule but for once I think we may be actually able to keep one.

Other than that we have been chugging along like normal. I spent my morning chore time putting the pile of baby stuff away. So now it all has a home other than the office closet and floor. I meant to start my Holiday Plan last week but am running a little behind as other parts of the house seem more important at the moment. However, I did get my card list, menu, and basic present guide planned out. So that's a start if nothing else. I am a spreadsheet addict so I made spreadsheets for it all and placed it in my household manual. Now to just make sure I use the manual - that's the biggie :-)

Well... I am off to do a few things before I start dinner. Hope everyone has a wonderful evening.

I deleted it mom...

For science today we watched a movie about the Human body. Nothing fancy mainly a brief overview of the different parts and functions. Afterwards I asked each boy a couple of questions (separate from each other) trying to see what they found interesting about it. Needless to say I didn't get to far.

Mom: What did you think about the movie?
Xavier: It was good.
Mom: Did you find out anything new?
Xavier: Umm.. I forgot, I was paying attention to the movie though.

Looks like he should watch it again...

Mom: What did you think about the movie?
Micah: It was good.
Mom: Can you tell me something they talked about?
Micah: Umm.. No, I was paying attention to the movie.
Mom: That's the answer your brother gave me (starting to laugh). I think we will watch it again.
Micah: Mom in the movie they said the brain deletes things it does not think is important and saves the things that are.
Mom: Ok (maybe he did pay attention to the movie)
Micah: I guess my brain didn't think it was important.
Mom: Shakes head and laughs...

We will be watching it again :-)

Happy Labor Day

We have been enjoying our Labor Day weekend. Joel was home by 3 on Friday so we spent the afternoon talking and hanging out. Saturday we headed over to Muskegon to find an Office Max or Staples so Joel could get some supplies he needs for work. We treated the boys to a trip to PetSmart while there and came home with a few new fish. So our small little tank has life again ;)

We tried out a new church today. It was nice, neither Joel or I have any complaints but Joel does not know if it is the one. The Pastor was extremely nice as was his wife. The congregation was not very welcoming as Joel pointed out but that is okay as far as I am concerned I am not to into shaking every person in the church's hand, lol. There are a lot of kids the boys age which is another plus. The boys are not to thrilled with there not being a children's church. So they had to sit through the entire service. But they were good and liked it for the most part. So we shall see.

After church Joel started mowing some of the lawn. It looks like this will probably be the last time he has to mow it this year. The leaves are changing colors already. I say already because to me it is only September. But between leaves changing and it being in the 40's at night it seems like fall is already here. There is a fire pit in the yard and the boys spent the afternoon cleaning it out and breaking sticks. So they had a nice fire going most of the afternoon and evening. Joel convinced them to camp out tonight. So I am sitting in the house alone with the animals as they snuggle into their sleeping bags. I did treat them and went to the store to get stuff to make smores. Then Joel sent me in to make hot cocoa for the boys around 9:30 as it is chilly out there. Then we tucked them into the tent. Joel is sleeping out there tonight with them of course since it is their first camping in a tent experience. Well other than when he tried to get them to camp when they were only 3/5 years old.

Tomorrow will probably be a real lazy day. I am sure the boys will be ready to spend most of it in front of the tv since they have not watched it since this morning before church. Plus I can see Joel wanting a nap I know sleeping on the ground can not be that comfortable and he won't use his mattress pad since the boys don't have one and they need to learn to camp without it ;)

On another note... the boys start soccer Thursday. They are really excited and Micah can not wait. Xavier while excited wants to take tae-kwon-do also. So we are going to have to check into that later this week as it does help him stay more centered. We are going to go sign up for cub scouts hopefully on the 19th. Both of the boys are excited about that also. I am not as excited but hope to find out about 4H next week. I hate to over schedule them since I truely do not believe in doing that to your children. However with us just moving here I am trying to plug in everywhere I can so they can make some friends.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I will try to post in a couple of days.
Love you all

Busy Sunday

Today was a pretty busy day. We woke up late so we did not make it to church. Which is okay because it seems that all of us had a rough night last night. Joel went and got propane for the grill (oh yeah - we got a grill, nothing fancy a typical $110 gas grill but it was on sale for $50). So he cooked dinner tonight and it was good. Although we are use to charcoal so he is having to get use to the gas. I headed to Muskegon for foam & fabric. I managed to do the bottom cushion of our couch but I need to get some more batting that way it looks a little more like a cushion. It turned out okay - could be better but the boys and Joel like it. So that is a good thing. I will do the back cushion later. Once it is done I will send a picture out since more than likely posting pics on this thing is going to be a nightmare to say the least.

Joel cleaned up the house and straightened the computer room so it is at least presentable. Yesterday he built me shelves in the kitchen - YAY!! They turned out real nice and I am so thankful for them and Joel for making them.

While I was at the store he fixed my camera. Seems that the battery wasn't in right? I don't know I took it out and put it back in but it still wasn't working for me. He says it works fine but I haven't tested it out yet, lol. I will take some pics tomorrow and see if I can email them out. Hopefully it won't take all day to get them mailed otherwise I will go down and put them on a cd and snail mail them.

Tomorrow Granny Dot and Tom are coming to visit. That will be nice :-) But I need to go to bed so I can clean up the house a little (typical stuff) before they get here. I did all our laundry yesterday but I need to do bedding so I will probably head up there Tuesday to do it & an extra load of clothes so they don't pile up to bad over the week. I can not wait until I have a washing machine and dryer! I may bring home the sheets to hang on the line. I know I have clothespins around here somewhere but they are probably still in a box which needs unpacked. So it will depend on if I can find them first. I don't want to buy any since I know I have a whole thing of them.

Anyways, I am off to bed. Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

I Know, I Know

I am way behind on my blog and on sending pictures of our new home. Hoepfully I will beable to catch up and get those pictures to everyone real soon. Of course that involves getting a new battery for my camera which I have yet to do even though I said I was giong to 3 weeks ago.

We are still getting use to living here in MI. The weather alone is going to take some getting use to and as excited as I was to see snow this winter. I have changed my mind and would rather go where it is warm. I am use to sweltering heat this time of year not 50's in the morning and maybe 84 in the afternoon if we are lucky!

I have made it over to Muskegon twice now, once a family trip with Joel and then the next time back to the mall with just the boys. It takes about 30 minutes which is a pain but considering it took at least that long to go somewhere in Savannah (okay 1/2 that time) unless we were headed to the beach. It is not to bad.

I finally located a homeschool group here in the area. That is a major plus! I registered the boys for soccer this season and now I am just waiting for it to start and MI public schools to start so they can join cub scouts or/and 4-H. That will take care of some of the not having kids in the neighborhood to play with issues. Other than that we have already started school. We are using Math-U-See this year and although we just started it I really like it and Xavier is even having fun with math. Which is another plus! We have been studying what it means to be a citizen this past week and learning about our nations symbols.

I found a book at a local store written by a local man about his childhood and we have been reading that and a book on Christian hero's. We are currently reading about Gladys Aylward.

Other than that things here are the same as they always were. Joel works... We do school... Hang out at home... Okay so they aren't exactly the same we are hanging out at home a lot more these days. When we do go off it's normally a trip to the grocery store or the library. Nothing exiciting that is for sure.

In fact the most exciting thing that has happened recently is... well going on right this minute. We have a dead mouse in the litter box. Which is a major issue for me but Joel is in Grand Rapids today so I can't call him. I do not do litter boxes for one. Nor do I do a mouse. It takes everthing I have to go to the bathroom or let the boys go. If I lived closer to town we would drive to the store to go. Yes, I know it is dead. Yes, I know I could let the boys get it. But that is not happening (the whole box needs dumped as far as I am concerned and they don't need to be touching it either. So the plan is to not look, sneak in there, pray I don't have another one near there looking for its dead brother (or sister) and get out of the bathroom as quick as possible without getting sick. Yes, it makes me sick. This is why we can't have snakes - plus snakes make me sick, lol.

That's our day so far and I will try to update and send pictures soon.

Light Blogging

It has been almost a month since I last posted so I thought I would play catch up. We have spent the past week down in FL visiting family before we move to Michigan. We managed to bring up all our stuff from down there so now my carport is full of stuff (can we say trashy looking) and my house is wall to wall furniture. Poor Micah has dressers in front of dressers in his bedroom and I have baby stuff all over my bedroom floor thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law who has truely blessed me with more than I could have ever imagined.

We have done everything we can to get ready for the move - except pack. I am really procrastinating on that. The truck is scheduled for pick up on the 15th and we will be leaving on the 18th. I am really missing my friends already but am so excited to be going up near my Granny and to start the adventure that awaits us.

On another note we have a new addition to our family. While we where at my momma's someone had dropped off 3 kittens across the street from her house in the woods. My momma and sister went to investigate and they followed them back into our yard. Big uh-oh since my dad is allergic. We decided to keep 1 of them but had to take the other 3 to the animal shelter. One was hurt and he needed medical attention. So now we have a little black kitty with white feet running around our house and torturing our dog. Luckily he is getting use to the kitty, only problem Patches wants to play with Whiskers and Whiskers is not into that.

Lazy day, Sunday afternoon

I am in a Moody Blues mood. Unfortunately I could not find the cd ( I didn't look to hard either) but the boys and I compromised and listened to Green Day & Pink Floyd while we cleaned house today. The living room is nice and pretty & I even managed to do the carpet. Laundry is caught up for the most part and now I just need to tackle the dining room again.

Xavier is feeling better, still coughing but no fever. Micah and I are still stuffed up but that is slowly going away. They may actually be able to get on the slip and slide in a few days. Which would be awesome since I got it for them last week and they have yet to be able to go on it.

Micah and I are really into Food Network these days. So much so that he watches it over cartoons 1/2 the time and I dream of being in the Better Burger Build Off. How weird are we? Lol. So I was watching it last night and they have been having a wedding extravaganza in their shows. Everything from a wedding cake competition to showing a Disney wedding. Which I dropped my mouth at and not out of envy but because I could not help but laugh. How would you like Mickey and Minnie showing up, being introduced by the footman guy from Cinderella and riding in her coach. All for the low price of $70,000 total. The ride in the coach is $2500 alone. Their wedding cake $800. I could buy a house for the price of their wedding. I am in shock at what people will spend and the fact they want it at Disney. I guess being from Central FL gives one a certain view on Disney. Been there - done that. Oh we have to take the kids there? Can't we go to Busch Gardens? Sorry I am just amazed.

Anyways, the day started off fine. Kids playing chess - until they started fighting. Then I told them to put it away and clean their stuff out of the living room. Oh - I raised my voice so now I am mean by Xavier's standards and he wants his Daddy because he won't be mean to him. So he had to call his Daddy. I am trying not to laugh as he talks to Dad on the phone.

Later on though I became "cool" again. I took them to the horrible store called WalMart and they got to buy a finger light with their own money. I am still trying to figure out what the purpose of having a small flash light on one's finger is. For $1.82 they are content.
You Are 52% Happy

You're definitely a happy person, even though you have your down moments.
You tend to get the most out of life, though there's always some more happiness to be squeezed.

Typical Saturday

Micah got home from the sleep over. He had a great time but was happy to sit down and play legos at home. Xavier is feeling a little better but unfortunately not up to par. He has a slight fever but his coughing has subsided some. So that is good. Overall it is a typical Saturday at our house. Legos scattered across the living room, cartoons playing on tv and a hint of laziness in the air.

We went and bought some playing cards so I can teach the boys some new card games. I figure it is the perfect time for them to learn spades & rummy. Once they get those down we will move on to Canasta. With the move coming up it will be fun to play cards and stuff while we are in the hotel and looking for a place to live.

Anyways, I am off to throw a load in the washer and pick up a little around the house. I have some things I need to get done today. Plus we are starting our nightly Bible reading today so I need to prepare for that. For now...

My Poor Baby

X-man is feeling horrible. He has the coughing, aching, sneezing, runny nose, I am going to give him some Nyquil so he can sleep on the kitchen floor or where ever he lands medicine. The worst part is his friend is having a Doctor Who party tonight and he can't go. Micah is over there playing now but my poor baby is asleep and not going to be able to go. I doubt he will be having a friend spend the night tomorrow either at this rate. To bad-so sad. I feel bad but at the same time with him feeling like this there is no way.

Joel passed his test - YAY!! So in a week he will be home and graduated from this school. PTL. I can not wait because with him gone things just aren't the same. Plus the yard needs mowed real bad and it is to hot for me to go do it, lol. (See I need you honi, lol). Although Micah has been trying to mow it with my reel mower, it just is not cutting it (no pun intended).

Anyways, hope everyone has a great weekend. We will be hanging out at the house & praying for healing.

Thursday's Ramble

I should have known better than to go to the park today. All 3 of us have stuffy noses but they seemed fine all morning so we headed out to Forsyth. Xavier was asleep in the car before we even got there (we only live about 15 min. away from the park). So that's a bad sign. We stayed about an hour but had to go because he was going down hill fast. Micah on the other hand is just stuffy, he feels fine. I just want to sleep and it is hot outside, lol. Hopefully they feel better in the next couple of days. They are suppose to have a friend spend the night this weekend but we will have to wait and see. Plus we are suppose to go out to Skidaway Island Sunday afternoon.

We still do not know where in Michigan we are moving to. According to battalion we are going to Fremont but that can change any minute and if you ask me it probably will. The boys have finally had the realization that they have to leave their friends. So we had a few tears this week. They are so excited to be moving and so upset to be moving at the same time. Poor things.

Well, that is about all that is going on here in our "neck of the woods". Hope everyone is having a nice week.

Parents duty to their children is...

I found this at when doing a search on the word parents. I thought it was interesting and that I would share.


To love them - Tts 2:4

To bring them to Christ - Mat 19:13,14

To train them up for God - Pro 22:6; Eph 6:4

To instruct them in God's word - Deu 4:9; 11:19; Isa 38:19

To tell them of God's judgments - Joel 1:3

To tell them of the miraculous works of God - Exd 10:2; Psa 78:4

To command them to obey God - Deu 32:46; 1Ch 28:9

To bless them - Gen 48:15; Hbr 11:20

To pity them - Psa 103:13

To provide for them - Job 42:15; 2Cr 12:14; 1Ti 5:8

To rule them - 1Ti 3:4,12

To correct them - Pro 13:24; 19:18; 23:13; 29:17; Hbr 12:7

Not to provoke them - Eph 6:4; Col 3:21

Not to make unholy connections for them - Gen 24:1-4; 28:1,2

3 blogs

is a pain in the rear. So I am shutting the other ones down and just keeping this one. I thought it would be easier to separate our school from our family blog but it just means more work. So if you bookmarked the other ones you won't need them because I will only be posting here from now on.

Military/Civil Service is Coming Your Way

Military/Civil Service is coming your way. We are a country with a voluntary military or at least we where. In February Congressman Charles Rangall introduced the bill called the "Universal National Service Act of 2006 - HR 4752 H" yesterday the house was to convene and possibly adopt this bill.

This bill can be summed up as a Mandatory Draft. It will require all persons between the ages of 18 - 42 to register with selective service and perform a period of military or civilian service.

There are a lot of individuals who agree with this bill on both party lines. I am not one of them. While I understand that our country is falling short when it comes to how many soldiers are in the military, we are a voluntary military non-the-less. To require all persons to join ignores the fact that God has called everyone according to His purpose.

Furthermore our country is failing to support the men and women who are currently serving their country. They do not make a "decent wage" as some suggest, a majority of military families fall below the poverty line enough that they are on welfare. When the men and women return from Iraq poisoned by the depleted uranium our government turns their backs on them. This is the same thing which happened with Vietnam & the previous Gulf War. To many times the military is not given the equipment they need to perform their jobs. So how are we going to pay for more soldiers whether they are in the military or performing a civil job? I do not see congress taking a cut in pay to provide for the men and women who risk their lives because they believe in our Constitution and are serving their country out of Patriotism and the simple fact that it is a job that provides the necessary means to care for and support their families.

In case some of you do not realize your daughters are not safe. In today's society the feminist movement that began years ago has taken over. Women are expected and taught that they can do any job that a man does and more than likely do it better. This bill does not make an exception. Regardless of sex, women will now have to register with the Selective Service. They will be required to fulfill the same duties as our sons. While we may raise our daughters to be "keepers at home" as the Bible instructs the government will put them in the workforce for their own purposes. They will be expected to live up to the feminist standards and not only do their jobs which does not glorify the positions the Lord has given them but do it above and beyond the call of duty in the name of equal rights.

We as a nation must make a stand and not allow the government to force our children and even ourselves into a position in which the Lord has not called us. Mothers will be torn away from their families, our children will be thrown into a Godless society where the government will be able to "raise them" according to their pagan standards and Fathers will be left with an even lower sense of worth because their wives are no longer their helpmeet but instead working not for the betterment of their families but for a government which does not appreciate nor support the role the Lord has given women.

It is way to quiet

in this house with the boys gone. It is sad when I can't even enjoy the alone time because I don't feel like doing anything. Plus there is no one yapping, yelling, arguing, or laughing. I tell you I am amazed at how Joel did it the past few years. Just one night and I am complaining, lol.

I dropped the boys off at their friends and headed to the store. I picked up a little surprise for them - a slip & slide. It was cheap & will give them something fun to do here at the house since it has been to hot for me to really go anywhere. Then I splurged and got a banana milkshake - mmmm - good. Only to come home and nap. I have had no caffeine today so a major headache was in store. After 6 hours, 4 tylenol & a glass of coca-cola it has finally gone away. PTL. I was headed to bed if it didn't.

I talked to Joel, who knows where we are going. I am not worried about it, I figure we will find out when we get there. It would be nice to know before hand but I am not going to dwell on it because then I will only stress myself out.

Can you tell I am bored??? I'll probably think of more to write later, lol.

Forget Morning Sickness

I now have all day sickness. Ughh and let me tell you I am not fond of milk to begin with but like a good girl I have been trying to drink it. It is not working. I told the boys that the milk is bad and they laughed at me Xavier informed me that the milk tasted fine. Maybe I should not have had it after eating tuna. I thought I was getting off easy this time.. only feeling bad at night I can handle that because I can go to bed. But the past 2 days have become an all day thing. Nothing sounds good, tastes good or smells good but I am HUNGRY!! So I keep stuffing my face with "good for you things" and it all is gross IMHO. To top it off I have never been so tired. I can go to bed at 10:30 (ok 11:30 last night) and I wake up at 3 for an hour because I am hungry. To sleep until 9 and still take a 2 hour nap. I do not remember any of this with the boys.

Alright I am done complaining.

What is education?

What is education? Who has the Lord given authority to when it comes to educating your children? What is the Lord's vision for you and how will you minister to your children and husband? What is the principle approach?

These are some questions I have had to think about when I started looking into the Principle Approach of Education. The answers are not surprising but they are thought provoking especially in this day and age & you are use to thinking in a humanistic/secular manner.

After a lot of thinking, looking up definitions & Bible verses to correspond with the definitions; I have come up with a 4 page outline of my duty as a wife/mother/Christian and some answers. What surprises me most is not that I already know what the Bible says but how often I do not follow the Lord's commands in the area of educating my children. It is really sad when you think about it.

For example - you teach your children that the Lord created everything but when it comes to academics you tend to leave out how the Lord had a hand in what it is that they are studying. Even in Christian curriculum you get bogged down with facts and don't learn the ins and outs of what the Lord has done.

How can we as Christians separate language, math, science & of course history from the Lord? Was it not He that made these things? The Bible tells us to teach them everything came from Him and in all things we are to glorify His name but are we doing it? A lot of thinking is being done on my part as I go down this path the Lord has placed in front of me.

I know some of you think I am on another one of my tangents... like the headcovering thing or the not wearing pants thing... By the way I have not quite figured those out yet.

Anyways.. it is a lot of food for thought for me regardless. Ok now I will go to bed. Just thought I would share what's on my mind. If you truely are interested or want to see where this is headed you can check it out HERE.
Well the dining room table is almost clean. You can sit at 3 chairs and eat so that is a plus. My school piles are smaller but still a couple are waiting for me to go through them. My neighbor came over and asked to borrow our flash cards this morning. She is working with her kids on the addition facts so they can possibly not be held back next year. So I gave her ours, we don't use them that often.

The boys spent the day playing with friends, on the computer, and building things with legos. A normal day for the most part ;-) They are excited about spending the night with a friend tomorrow and had to talk to him 4 times today on the phone.

We watched the movie "The Parrots of Telegraph Hill" and it was awesome!!! We all loved it. If you don't know it is about these wild parrots that live in San Francisco. This man feeds them and you get to know about him and how he came to care for these wild birds. It really is an amazing movie.

Oh we have set a date for our next Jr. Ranger Program. The family we met with at Pulaski and the boys and I are going to meet up again to go to Fort Frederica. We will get our new pins and have a picnic. It should be a lot of fun. The only problem we currently are running into is that we have one pin from Pulaski missing (it jumped shipped somewhere in the house). So we are looking for it and until we find it I won't let either boy claim the one we know where it is. Because honestly they do not know which one of them lost theirs.

Well hope you have a good night. It is past my bedtime and I am hitting the sack.


Well we never made it to the beach Friday but had a great time at Ft. Pulaski. The boys earned their Jr. Ranger Pins and we are going to head down to Fort Frederica in a couple of weeks to get another one.

They spent the night with a friend Saturday so I had a really quiet house. It was great until about 8am Sunday morning when I decided to ram my toe into a chair. It still hurts and is now all black and blue at the knuckle right under my toe nail so I am pretty sure it is broken. It hurts like crazy too!! So now I walk funny because my toes are all taped up.

So far this morning has been un-exciting. That's a good thing, lol. Laundry is going, dishwasher has been run and the house is picked up. Just have to dust, vacuum and start school. The boys are going to a friends house tomorrow to spend the night and I have no idea what I am going to do with them gone again. Hopefully not break another toe, lol.

Oh well, guess I should finish cleaning up the dining room table which is still piled with school stuff. I have decided on what I am getting rid of for the most part. So I need to make any final decision then I can post a for sale sign.

For now...

Past Few Days

Thursday we hit the park for our weekly park day activity. I love getting together with this group of ladies and their kids. I will definitely miss it when we move. We had a new lady visit that Thursday with her 2 children. So that made it all the better. It is amazing though how well we all get along (including the kids). The kids are really starting to bond with each other and play together more compared to at first when they tended to play beside each other instead of with each other.

To top it off we have had a few more people join our online group and are showing interest in our get togethers. We have scheduled our first "co-op" day for the 20th of June. It really is not much of a "co-op" but an art project at the local pottery place. The only down fall is with summer here field trips are not really happening but that is okay. We will only be here for a few more weeks to enjoy it then hopefully we will be able to find a new group of homeschoolers.

I finally cleaned out the rest of the boys folders and set them up for the coming year. So my dining room table is now piled high with books and extra papers that I have to sort and go through. We have so much stuff for school and we don't use a lot of it. I am seriously considering selling some of it but I know if I do then I will end up wanting one of the things I sell back. However, I have almost made up my mind to take the plunge because a lot of it we have not used or opened in over a year. So it is just taking up room on my bookshelf. The downfall is I have no idea where to sell it at since ebay is taking TM off people's lists. What a crock.... I really need to sit down and make a list of the stuff.

I am now deciding on where to place Xavier in grammar. He is smart enough to go into the same book as Micah but his writing... well that's a whole nother story. Plus I have no idea where to put him in math. Technically a 2nd grader now and can do some multiplication but lacks having his addition facts memorized. Ughh. I will figure it out.

We were going to start our new schedule Monday and we still might. But Tuesday they are going off for the day/night. So that will throw a crimp in the lessons being done a little. Why does that always happen? Just when you get things ready to really move in the right direction little curves happen along the way, lol.

Oh well. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Official Homeschool Name

We officially decided on a name for a homeschool... Olive Branch Academy won out over the other names we thought of. We decided to use Romans 11 as a corresponding passage and I have come up with the basic design for our logo. The boys are excited and it has really given them a sense of ownership. Micah and Xavier can't wait to make a flag and now they are talking about shirts and other things which I never even thought of, lol.

The boys have finished 1/2 of their school work this morning and now are fixing lunch. We will do math and finish writing afterwards. I finally put all of the past years work in their designated envelope's and labeled them. So their notebooks are fresh, clean and empty for a new year (which starts next week).

On another note... we are still waiting to see where we are moving to. We were told that we were going to Ludington, MI and then 4 hours later that changed - ARRR! It is so frustrating. I will be glad when July 26th gets here and the move and knowing where we will be living is finally over.

Etiquette Changed

just a little bit due to the fact that my kids have been monsters and we needed to seriously discuss the burping thing. For some reason they think it is cool to burp the alphabet. Okay, I will admit I did not exactly nip that in the bud like I should have when it first started. So now I am dealing with it bigtime <-That is probably what I looked like at one point as they smiled at me, laughed and said but it is fun.

So the fine points of today's manner/etiquette lesson were the appropriate way to burp and the definition of the word rude. Hopefully they got the point, lol.

We did finish math today - YAY! So now they totally get the concept of multiplication and multiplying by 0 & 1. Now we will practice that for a few days along with their speed drills and then move on to 2 & 5.
Joel and the boys have finished working on their walking sticks for the most part. I have to re-shellac them tomorrow but they will be ready to use by Thursday. Then we will have to go do something so they can actually use them ;) I keep trying to upload a picture so I can post it but the darn thing won't upload thanks to my sorry internet service.

Xavier has a sore throat now (not good) but feels okay for the most part (PTL). He woke me up this morning wanting medicine though which is always a bad sign. We are suppose to be heading out to Ft. Pulaski in a few hours but now I am kinda waiting it out to see if we really need to be going off. Hopefully whatever Xavier is trying to come down with doesn't become contagious and Micah will be feeling okay.

We are starting our summer school plan this week. Fun, fun, fun and the 3 r's too. Lol.
Here's the plan for the week:
Tuesday - Ft. Pulaski to participate in the Jr. Ranger program
Wednesday - Etiquette class begins (we are doing this ourselves)
Thursday - Park Day
Friday - Possible beach trip

Micah is starting his 3rd grade math book this summer and Xavier is reviewing some of the math from this past year. Xavier gets real frustrated with math so we are going to take some time to make sure he understands it perfectly.

I still have to come up with the overall plan but it should work out pretty well even with moving.

They are going to be keeping journals over the summer that should help with reading, writing & spelling. Plus hopefully not be a total bore when it comes to doing Language Arts. I thought maybe we could do a scrapbook type journal and a nature journal.

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. We cooked out on the grill Saturday night and hung around the house most of the weekend. Joel left to go back to school this morning - only 18 days left before he graduates. I will be so happy when he is home again.

The boys and I spent the morning outside. We cleaned the garbage & recycling can - YUCK! Transplanted some plants into containers and others into the ground. Gave our doggie a bath - boy did he stink! I tore down the rotten wood container we had our flowers/garden in and spread the dirt around the yard. Then I watched as the boys played with some mole crickets they found.

After lunch I took a nice nap and now they are playing with a friend. Micah built a really neat sailboat out of the K'nex while I was napping and Xavier played around on the computer. Tomorrow we are going out to Fort Pulaski to do the Jr. Ranger program with some friends and have a picnic. We might hit the beach afterwards but I am not sure yet we may just wait until Friday to do that.

Emily Post & Etiquette

The boys and I are going to have an "etiquette class" over the summer. I would love to send them to an actual class in Orlando but since that is not possible. We are going to do it ourselves. They don't know about this yet though, lol. The plan is (I love to make plans it is implementing them that is the problem)... anyways the plan is that we will be working on manners and adding actual etiquette things each week. This week we are going to hit some of the basics which they already do and add to them. I figure we will have an actual class each Wed. and then work on the skills the rest of the week over the summer.

This week we are going to talk about why we say thank you & please, Sir & Maam, and opening doors for people. These are things they already do but need a gentle reminder at times. So it should be pretty easy this week.

I did find Emily Post's book online. So I am reading over it and seeing what exactly she had to say on the matter. I have never read it before and I am positive that there are a lot of things that I can learn also as we go over some of the basic things.

What School?

This week school has been pretty much non-existent. I have been in the dumps and the boys have been in a mood. We did a little early this week but then it all went downhill. I spent half the week laying around the house. While they worked on building a fort in the living room and the best way to irritate your brother. I guess I can not count that as school work huh?

We did manage to go to Park Day on Thursday. Which the boys really enjoyed being able to get out of the house and play with some friends. We were only at the park for a couple of hours and were able to enjoy a sun shower while we were there. It felt good. It has been so hot lately (doesn't help the I am prego).

After our park adventure we made a Lemon Meringue Pie (we added to much lemon though) WHOO - it'll knock your socks off. I think next time I am going to find the recipe I used last time I made one. Then Joel got in from SC. He is home for Memorial Day Weekend. Which is real nice since we won't see him again until he graduates school on the 16th of June.

So next week I have school all planned out and am actually looking forward to hitting some books and doing some cool things with the boys. They do not know what all I have planned yet. They just think we have worksheets, books to do. Not so, my sons. With summer here we will be doing a little bit of bookwork to finish our grammar and also to work on reading/math. But most of the things planned are outdoors, experiments and things of that nature.

Anyways, hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Verse of the Day

But why do you call Me "Lord, Lord," and do not do the things which I say?
~Luke 6:46 NKJV

Such Angels - Such Demons

My boys are such angels! I went to the dentist this morning with the boys in tow. I told them to just hang out in the waiting room and we brought Yu-Gi-Oh cards, the Gameboy and a sketch pad so they had something to do. I prayed they would be good since they have been arguing so much lately. They were angels of course! The entire staffed told me how well behaved they are and how they were so quiet they could forget they were sitting there. My boys can you believe it????

Fast forward to an hour later...

Demons is what they are, lol. We barely get in the door and already the bickering has started. The screeching is ear piercing and the crying is non-stop. I am sorry you can't find your Bionicle pieces, no I don't know where they are. Moron is not an acceptable word. From now on consider it a cuss word. No you may not have a snack you can make a sandwich for lunch. What do you mean you accidentally hit your brother? I saw you. It is not an accident if you walk up and hit him. Such demons!!!

Guess what it is time for my nap! So be quiet and let me rest I am sick and have a headache.

Okay, so it's not really nap time. I was peacefully napping earlier and was awaken to a scream. Oh they are getting along now. How peaceful it all is now, well it would be if they did not believe that to speak they must yell.

That's My Son

I am reading the book That's My Son (How Moms can Influence Boys to Become Men of Character) by Rick Johnson. I read it a few months ago but decided to start over. I am hoping that by really diving into this book it will help me as I try to raise my boys.

Last night I read the first couple of chapters and a couple of things really hit me. First, the Bible tells us Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6. I have read this verse a million times but this time I decided to break it down.

Train (in Webster) 3 a : to form by instruction, discipline, or drill b : to teach so as to make fit, qualified, or proficient.
I am to teach, instruct, discipline my children:

In the way he should go this is normally the hard part. Each child is unique, a gift from the Lord. Each child sees the world differently and is affected by different things. While I can have one set of rules in my house using the same form of discipline for each child will not be effective. Why? because they are different. As a homeschooled parent I can understand how my children learn in different ways, they need to be disciplined in different ways also. I have to guide them along the path the Lord has laid out for them not the path that I may want.

and when he is old he will not depart from it. A lot of kids take the scenic route at times. I know I sure did it took years for me to actually become a Christian. As much as I pray that my children do not take the scenic route there will more than likely come a time when they are not walking with the Lord as much as they should be. However, by training them to keep their eyes on the Lord and to follow Him they will soon come back. Although you might think it won't happen and be in prayer for months over your son's the Bible tells us that if we train them in the direction they are to go they will not depart from it. That is a promise.

That verse seems easy enough until you try to apply it. I do not know what exactly the Lord has planned for my boys but my feelings and emotions can get in the way. So it comes down to one of the first questions in Rick Johnson's book. Am I willing to sacrifice my son?

Many women in the Bible gave up their son's. Hannah was blessed with a child then sent him to work for the Lord. Moses mom hid him then sent him in a basket down the river. Mary watched as her son died on the cross so that we may have eternal life. Each of these three women sacrificed their son in some way. They gave their children to the Lord.

The first thing I need to do to make sure that I raise Godly sons (or daughters) is to give them to the Lord. He blessed me with my children and they are in my care so that I may guide them, teach them, train them so that they will follow Jesus. I must be willing to give them totally to the Lord and be ready to sacrifice my son's for the Lord.

My Prayer:
Heavenly Father
You have blessed me with my 2 beautiful boys.
You have shown me how I am to guide them and teach them in your Word.
Yet, I sometimes fall short and forget the instructions you have given me.
Help me so that I may train them the way you want me to.
Be with me as I guide them to look to You in all things.
Help me remember that they belong to You and are only in my care for a short while.
Give me the courage and strength I need so that I may let go of any worldly notions and raise them as Your children. So that they may walk with you forever.
In Jesus Name. Amen.


I have decided to change a few things about my blog. For the most part I have been crossblogging some of our school stuff over at homeschoolblogger. Which has been easy to do as far as updating this one but I don't like seeing it at both places. So from now on if you want to see what is happening in our school you will have to check us out HERE. However, I will keep most of our family things here.

Today I spent some time surfing the homeschoolblogger site and reading blogs. So many are very inspiring but some saddened me. It seems that so many mother's blog about raising their daughters to be Keeper of the Home. However, not many blog about raising their sons to be Godly Men. So I have decided that we are going to focus on how we are raising Micah and Xavier and the effect it will have on them so that they may grow into the men the Lord wants them to be. If you would like to see more about Raising Men check out our blog HERE!

Other than that today was pretty boring, we did a little bit of school and the boys built a fort in the living room where they have played most of the day. Now it is almost bedtime so they are getting ready for me to tuck them in. Hope everyone has had a wonderful day.

Walking Contradiction

I have decided that I am a walking contradiction, lol. It is funny how life works and how things you thought you want you don't and things you didn't want you do. 3 years ago a girlfriend and I started a secular (well an inclusive homeschool group). We tried to get it going but nothing came of it... until this past spring when it has taken off and has boomed. Problem is that as much as I wanted this and it is kinda mine in the sense that I was one of the founders I am stuck in it. In a lot of ways I really like it and how it is growing, in other ways I am struggling with it. Over the past 3 years the Lord has changed a lot of things in my life and now I am left trying to sort it all out. It is sad to think that what I wanted from this group has finally come into place but I just am not so sure I want it anymore. So I am greatful in a lot of ways that we will be moving. It is an easy way out but in the end I know that even if I wasn't moving I wouldn't be able to stay in the group for long. Yet, I still care how it goes.

Then there is a whole 'nother thing. For a few months I was really studying what the Lord has to say about clothing and modesty. Then I kinda just left it, for awhile I was trying to wear skirts but it is so easy to wear shorts and pants. But lately... it has been bothering me. Especially now that I am pregnant and am hoping for a girl. I don't know why but it has been 7 years since I had a baby and I have learned a lot of things since then and there are a lot of things I would like to do different.

Anyways, in the end I guess it comes to down one thing. I have not been spending a lot of time with the Lord lately. Which I need to do. So that I may see where it is I am going and where it is he is leading me.

Long Time...

Busy, busy, busy we have been.

First Congratulations!! to my brother and his new wife~ the wedding was beautiful (I cried) You two were so beautiful/handsome (and my boys were handsome too)! Oh and of course my sister and neice's ;)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We made it home safe and sound and I went to the doctor. Not very exciting... I am 7 weeks and 2 days as of Friday. So that makes me 7 weeks & 4 days today ;) I have been tired, exhausted and sick. Guess it comes with the territory though.

Joel made it home for the weekend to visit. It was to short but a nice visit. We still don't know where exactly in MI we will be moving to but we will be moving soon.
Other than that not much has been happening. So for now...

Jepson Center

We headed to the Jepson Center for the Arts here in Savannah for a field trip with some friends of ours this morning. It was an alright time, the lady tried to rush the kids through and did not know anything about the art she was telling them about. Which is not good. Then the kids got to do an art project which resembled one of the paintings they saw in the gallery. It was really cheap (they glued pictures & stuff to a piece of paper). I personally was not impressed with the tour. However the boys seem to enjoy themselves and would like to go back so they can actually spend time in the art gallery and with the hands on exhibit.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Bird Photo's

Micah has become our wildlife photographer. Currently he is taking pictures of birds. Although he has taken a handful of photo's I only uploaded a few for him on his blog. You should definitely check them out: Click Here!

Sea World

What do you get when you have 7 adults & 8 kids plus a baby go to Sea World together? A fun and insane trip! Joel & I were taking the boys to Sea World as their b-day present instead of a party. Well his 2 sisters & brother came along. We had a great time although trying to keep 8 kids from running in every direction because they are so psyched by being there and being able to hang out with each other can be frustrating at times. We started the day off by meeting at IHOP for breakfast (God Bless our poor waitress). After a hearty meal we hit the road...
Our first stop in Sea World the sting rays. Xavier was a little scared of feeding them but after Dad helped him it was cool. We saw turtles (the boys had to talk the "worker" there ears off) and informed her of sea turtles having tumors. Then all the kids climbed on a manatee statue which has a sign to stay off of statue beside it. We realize this after the photo shot, lol. Moving right along... we enjoyed the rides, animals and hanging out with family. Overall it was a wonderful day and the boys bought their own souveniers (Shamu & baby stuff animals of course). The Orca is Micah's favorite whale and Xavier had to have one to after seeing the show (plus he likes the Orca also).

Kids Galore
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Isn't he a cutie?
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Chillin' with the penguins
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Dad & X-man
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More food now!
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Group Photo
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My 2 boys - shopping's done...
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Birds of Prey

Friday we went to Audubon's Center for Birds of Prey. It is a small sanctuary in Maitland. We had a great time and the boys learned lots of interesting things about the raptor birds. The volunteer's there are wonderful and we plan on adopting one of the birds now. We got to see a lot of different birds: owls, eagles, vultures, kestrels and more. The highlight was meeting their friendly snake. Who has lived at the center for about 2 years and so far has managed to stay out of the bird cages. He was chomping down on a frog while we were there. With his mouth full I didn't mind getting a little closer than I normally would to take some pictures.

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The boys sitting in part of the abandoned eagle's nest that _____ (can't remember her name Mary?) sat in back in the 70's.
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Fun in the Sun

Our first beach trip and we go to Daytona, lol. We had a blast and Joel and I got a little burned (not to bad though). Personally I thought the water was a little to cold to play in but the "guys" didn't mind.

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Vacation Week

We headed down to FL this week so we could take the boys to Sea World this Sunday. On the way down we stopped at Fort Mantanzas for a picnic lunch. We did not get to go on the ferry over to the fort because we had Patches with us. But we did walk on the 1/2 mile nature trail. We used the guide sheet on the way and the boys learned what a hammock, scrub, saw palmetto, and a few other things were. We saw 2 Gopher Tortoise and had a really nice time.

Climbing Trees after Lunch
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Gopher Tortoise
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Birds, Birds, & Birds

Who would have ever thought that I would become a bird watcher? We have been learning how to identify birds in our backyard. Well, yesterday as soon as I got up I had to let the dog outside (of course). When I opened the back door our yard was full. But the dog had to go so they flew away. After he was done though I sent him back inside as I watched to see if any came back. Soon the boys were outside with me and we probably spent a good hour out there. Our yard was full of robins, a couple of doves, a bunch of common grackle's and we saw a blue jay and a red-deaded woodpecker. How cool!! Later that evening I even saw a cardinal and some blue bird (not sure what kind). We definitely have to get a better bird guide.

The boys painted the base coat on their bird houses during the afternoon. Then Joel and I started working on some other bird houses that I am making out of penguin gourds. Not sure if they will work but they will be pretty hanging outside.

Unfortunately, it is raining today and there are not any birds outside right now. Maybe later though... I think we will finish decorating the bird houses today and then all we will have to do is coat them with some poly.

I will take some pictures soon and post them so everyone can have a look-see.

Easter/Resurrection Sunday

We have had a really nice Easter. We woke up a little late but that is okay. I set the table last night so it would be ready for dinner this afternoon. Then spent the morning hanging out with the boys, hiding eggs and preparing the food. We are having the whole meal this year: ham, green bean casserole, pea salad, deviled eggs, peas and rolls (if they rise). Joel can not wait to dig in to the food, but then neither can Micah and Xavier. I just think Joel is especially happy because he is actually being able to spend Easter with us. He has not been home for Easter since who knows when ?Texas? So this is a very joyous occasion. It is so wonderful to have him home to do all the Easter things and celebrate our Lord's Resurrection today.

The boys Easter baskets were filled with a "bird theme" in mind. (They normally get theme baskets). We are currently studying about birds in science so it was a wonderful theme for this year. Of course I had to let the Easter Bunny know ;-)
They had some candy, bird feeders, a bird house to paint, a Bird coloring book, plus The Narnia Movie and a couple of silly toys. They loved the baskets and the feeders are already hanging up in the back yard. We do want to make some of our own bird houses/nesting boxes eventually but for now a painted one will work.

Hope everyone has had a Wonderful Easter/Resurrection Day! Enjoy some of our pics!

The Table is Set...
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When can we eat Mom?
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Xavier with the baskets...
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The Easter goodies...
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Micah waking up and the boys checking it out...
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Hunting Eggs...
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Dying Easter Eggs

Here are some pictures of the boys dying Easter eggs this morning.
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My boys
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Me & my 2 boys
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The Finished Eggs
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