Past Few Days

Thursday we hit the park for our weekly park day activity. I love getting together with this group of ladies and their kids. I will definitely miss it when we move. We had a new lady visit that Thursday with her 2 children. So that made it all the better. It is amazing though how well we all get along (including the kids). The kids are really starting to bond with each other and play together more compared to at first when they tended to play beside each other instead of with each other.

To top it off we have had a few more people join our online group and are showing interest in our get togethers. We have scheduled our first "co-op" day for the 20th of June. It really is not much of a "co-op" but an art project at the local pottery place. The only down fall is with summer here field trips are not really happening but that is okay. We will only be here for a few more weeks to enjoy it then hopefully we will be able to find a new group of homeschoolers.

I finally cleaned out the rest of the boys folders and set them up for the coming year. So my dining room table is now piled high with books and extra papers that I have to sort and go through. We have so much stuff for school and we don't use a lot of it. I am seriously considering selling some of it but I know if I do then I will end up wanting one of the things I sell back. However, I have almost made up my mind to take the plunge because a lot of it we have not used or opened in over a year. So it is just taking up room on my bookshelf. The downfall is I have no idea where to sell it at since ebay is taking TM off people's lists. What a crock.... I really need to sit down and make a list of the stuff.

I am now deciding on where to place Xavier in grammar. He is smart enough to go into the same book as Micah but his writing... well that's a whole nother story. Plus I have no idea where to put him in math. Technically a 2nd grader now and can do some multiplication but lacks having his addition facts memorized. Ughh. I will figure it out.

We were going to start our new schedule Monday and we still might. But Tuesday they are going off for the day/night. So that will throw a crimp in the lessons being done a little. Why does that always happen? Just when you get things ready to really move in the right direction little curves happen along the way, lol.

Oh well. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

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