Well we never made it to the beach Friday but had a great time at Ft. Pulaski. The boys earned their Jr. Ranger Pins and we are going to head down to Fort Frederica in a couple of weeks to get another one.

They spent the night with a friend Saturday so I had a really quiet house. It was great until about 8am Sunday morning when I decided to ram my toe into a chair. It still hurts and is now all black and blue at the knuckle right under my toe nail so I am pretty sure it is broken. It hurts like crazy too!! So now I walk funny because my toes are all taped up.

So far this morning has been un-exciting. That's a good thing, lol. Laundry is going, dishwasher has been run and the house is picked up. Just have to dust, vacuum and start school. The boys are going to a friends house tomorrow to spend the night and I have no idea what I am going to do with them gone again. Hopefully not break another toe, lol.

Oh well, guess I should finish cleaning up the dining room table which is still piled with school stuff. I have decided on what I am getting rid of for the most part. So I need to make any final decision then I can post a for sale sign.

For now...

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