Forget Morning Sickness

I now have all day sickness. Ughh and let me tell you I am not fond of milk to begin with but like a good girl I have been trying to drink it. It is not working. I told the boys that the milk is bad and they laughed at me Xavier informed me that the milk tasted fine. Maybe I should not have had it after eating tuna. I thought I was getting off easy this time.. only feeling bad at night I can handle that because I can go to bed. But the past 2 days have become an all day thing. Nothing sounds good, tastes good or smells good but I am HUNGRY!! So I keep stuffing my face with "good for you things" and it all is gross IMHO. To top it off I have never been so tired. I can go to bed at 10:30 (ok 11:30 last night) and I wake up at 3 for an hour because I am hungry. To sleep until 9 and still take a 2 hour nap. I do not remember any of this with the boys.

Alright I am done complaining.

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