Santa Parade & misc

Today was Fremont's Santa Parade, what a joke. Okay so my boys got to walk in it with their Cub Scout Pack that is cool but otherwise... Let me explain, downtown Fremont is about 3 blocks long compared to downtown Deland. So when you are standing at the end by the park you can see the fire trucks pulling out of their parking lot. The parade started at 10 am... The boys had walked it and the entire parade was over in less than 30 minutes. How weird is that? Lol. But they get a patch for participating which is exciting for them. I am dissappointed in Xavier's den though because barely anyone showed up including the main Den leader. After the parade we all met at the park downtown for cocoa and doughnuts and to play on the playground for a few minutes.

This weekend is pretty boring, Joel is in Kalamazoo at a training conference/ball. While we are hanging out here at the house. He gets to come home tomorrow and as far as he knows he can leave and head back when he wakes up. Which is what he is planning on doing, lol. I think he wishes he was here with us at the house as much as we do.

I was planning on baking some pies, pumpkin rolls and stuff now so it is ready for Thanksgiving Day. But not sure if I will, maybe after a nap :-)