Doors Open

Why is it that as soon as you go to take that one step which leads you down the path the Lord is taking you He changes it? Well, at least it feels that way. So many times I struggle with where He wants me to be, the direction He is taking me... And always once I finally get the courage to move it all changes and no longer am I to move in that direction. I know I am talking in circles.

I have been struggling with our Wed. night kid program at church. To be honest there is not much of one, it is more like babysitting. I stepped in to help with it (do it) about a month ago. After starting to get my feet wet and trying to implement a little bit more structure it felt like I was being tossed aside. So I was about to move on, my children were not being fed and my hands were tied. At that moment though the doors open and now there looks like there will be a change. My hands are being untied. So now I have to come up with some what of a "proposal" I should say explaining what I would like to do with the kids on Wed. night.

He took a nap!

My dear son, Peanut (aka Isaac) has been on strike when it comes to sleeping. His strike has lasted a month. Don't get me wrong he sleeps in my DH arms (before he left) but if we lay him down in bed he wakes up within 10 minutes. Nightime has been almost as bad, he is up every 90 minutes. But today he actually took a nap, a real honest nap. He got up this morning and we did his normal morning routine but this time I fed him lunch at 11:00. He gobbled it up (which is unusual in itself) and by 11:30 he was asleep. He slept until 2. I had to go check on him quite a few times, lol. What is more amazing my dear Peanut who has been staying up until 9 ate all his dinner at 5, snacked on our dinner at 6 and took 1/2 a bottle at 7. Then fell asleep at 7:30. Maybe there is hope of a schedule in our near future.

Family Photo

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