A Dreary Saturday

It is a dreary day here in Fremont. I am hoping it clears up some as tonight is the family picnic for the local homeschool group and we were looking forward to going. I am not sure how long we will actually stay it doesn't start until 5 and Joel will be home sometime this evening and without seeing him all day (he had to work) we would really like to spend some time with him. So worse comes to worse we will probably go for an hour or 2 and then head out so we can get home to Dad. Plus we have a rummy game scheduled :-)

We have had a nice birthday week. Chuck E Cheese was a total surprise for Micah and both of the boys had a blast. Thursday was their first soccer practice. Which they enjoyed and it was so good for them to be able to be around kids there age. We went and got the soccer shoes and shin guards. Plus they got a free soccer ball. Which they can't wait until tomorrow because Dad said he would practice with them after church.

I think we are going to go to the same church as last Sunday. I am not sure if that is the church we will end up at but I am praying that the Lord will put us at the right church real soon.

I got our wall timeline hung back up. I had to remake it because of the move plus I lost some of our "event cards". So I made some new ones up and the boys put them on today. We are running the entire line from Creation - Today. It is hanging on the wall going up the stairs. Originally I wanted it in the dining room but I think the hall is better because we all pay more attention to it. Plus it is right at the boys level. We can even sit on the stairs and work on it. Which is nice. The one thing I would like to do is figure out how to incorporate a family tree into it. Which is kind of difficult. So we may have to make a special one just for the tree.

The boys are now building a fort in the living room and I am going to go clean a little. So I don't have to worry about coming home to a messy house. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

That time of year..

It is that time of year again... Micah is turning 9 tomorrow and I am in shock that time has flown by! He is excited of course, although we tried to convince him that they have cancelled all birthdays for children under the age of 20. He didn't buy it. We went and got the cake mix and icing so I will make his cake tonight after dinner. So it is all ready for tomorrow. I gave a couple of suggestions for his birthday menu and he has agreed to:
Breakfast~ Pancakes & Bacon
Lunch~ He thinks he's having Ramen (haha - he doesn't know that Dad and I have a surprise for him.)
Dinner~ Manicotti & Garlic Cheese Biscuits

Unfortunately for him - school is not stopping and he will still have his chores to do.

With the smell of Autumn in the air we have revamped the way the house is run: from scheduling to chores and keeping a menu. I have been revamping my household manual and Joel has been helping me iron out a few of the kinks.

Our first was chores. This has always been a sore spot. Not because the boys didn't ever do any they just did not seem very consistent (parents fault). So we started a new chore system which I recently learned about. It is from the book Managers of Their Chores. We are using Chore Packs. What is that? Well to put it simply... their chores for Morning/Afternoon/Evening are in a plastic pouch which they can clip on to their shirt or pants. When it is chore time (we have a schedule) they take their packs and use them to see what they must do and in what order as their chores are numbered. This eliminates the need to constantly look at a chart or mark things off as they do them. When a chore is complete they put it in the back of the pack and go to the next one. Part of the process is learning how to actually do certain chores individually like cleaning the bathroom. So they know what is expected the chores are listed wipe sink,counter, clean toilet, ect. Eventually they will move up to clean bathroom as a chore and not have each step laid out for them because they will know how to do it.

Also we have started an allowance. This is not tied to their chores. Every couple of weeks we take the recycling down and they get paid what they make out of the recycling. On average they make approx. $10-$15 every 2 weeks. Which is not to bad as far as they are concerned. The only catch is... Joel & I have final say on what they can buy (I do not like Ed, Edd & Eddy - so that video game is a no)and they need to save $2 for offering ($1 a week). Other than that they are pretty free to do with it what they want.

The other book which has greatly helped is MOTH (Managers of Their Homes. This has been a real eye opener in trying to schedule our day with school, housekeeping, errands and other odds & ends. I am in the process of tweaking our schedule but for once I think we may be actually able to keep one.

Other than that we have been chugging along like normal. I spent my morning chore time putting the pile of baby stuff away. So now it all has a home other than the office closet and floor. I meant to start my Holiday Plan last week but am running a little behind as other parts of the house seem more important at the moment. However, I did get my card list, menu, and basic present guide planned out. So that's a start if nothing else. I am a spreadsheet addict so I made spreadsheets for it all and placed it in my household manual. Now to just make sure I use the manual - that's the biggie :-)

Well... I am off to do a few things before I start dinner. Hope everyone has a wonderful evening.

I deleted it mom...

For science today we watched a movie about the Human body. Nothing fancy mainly a brief overview of the different parts and functions. Afterwards I asked each boy a couple of questions (separate from each other) trying to see what they found interesting about it. Needless to say I didn't get to far.

Mom: What did you think about the movie?
Xavier: It was good.
Mom: Did you find out anything new?
Xavier: Umm.. I forgot, I was paying attention to the movie though.

Looks like he should watch it again...

Mom: What did you think about the movie?
Micah: It was good.
Mom: Can you tell me something they talked about?
Micah: Umm.. No, I was paying attention to the movie.
Mom: That's the answer your brother gave me (starting to laugh). I think we will watch it again.
Micah: Mom in the movie they said the brain deletes things it does not think is important and saves the things that are.
Mom: Ok (maybe he did pay attention to the movie)
Micah: I guess my brain didn't think it was important.
Mom: Shakes head and laughs...

We will be watching it again :-)

Happy Labor Day

We have been enjoying our Labor Day weekend. Joel was home by 3 on Friday so we spent the afternoon talking and hanging out. Saturday we headed over to Muskegon to find an Office Max or Staples so Joel could get some supplies he needs for work. We treated the boys to a trip to PetSmart while there and came home with a few new fish. So our small little tank has life again ;)

We tried out a new church today. It was nice, neither Joel or I have any complaints but Joel does not know if it is the one. The Pastor was extremely nice as was his wife. The congregation was not very welcoming as Joel pointed out but that is okay as far as I am concerned I am not to into shaking every person in the church's hand, lol. There are a lot of kids the boys age which is another plus. The boys are not to thrilled with there not being a children's church. So they had to sit through the entire service. But they were good and liked it for the most part. So we shall see.

After church Joel started mowing some of the lawn. It looks like this will probably be the last time he has to mow it this year. The leaves are changing colors already. I say already because to me it is only September. But between leaves changing and it being in the 40's at night it seems like fall is already here. There is a fire pit in the yard and the boys spent the afternoon cleaning it out and breaking sticks. So they had a nice fire going most of the afternoon and evening. Joel convinced them to camp out tonight. So I am sitting in the house alone with the animals as they snuggle into their sleeping bags. I did treat them and went to the store to get stuff to make smores. Then Joel sent me in to make hot cocoa for the boys around 9:30 as it is chilly out there. Then we tucked them into the tent. Joel is sleeping out there tonight with them of course since it is their first camping in a tent experience. Well other than when he tried to get them to camp when they were only 3/5 years old.

Tomorrow will probably be a real lazy day. I am sure the boys will be ready to spend most of it in front of the tv since they have not watched it since this morning before church. Plus I can see Joel wanting a nap I know sleeping on the ground can not be that comfortable and he won't use his mattress pad since the boys don't have one and they need to learn to camp without it ;)

On another note... the boys start soccer Thursday. They are really excited and Micah can not wait. Xavier while excited wants to take tae-kwon-do also. So we are going to have to check into that later this week as it does help him stay more centered. We are going to go sign up for cub scouts hopefully on the 19th. Both of the boys are excited about that also. I am not as excited but hope to find out about 4H next week. I hate to over schedule them since I truely do not believe in doing that to your children. However with us just moving here I am trying to plug in everywhere I can so they can make some friends.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I will try to post in a couple of days.
Love you all