Official Homeschool Name

We officially decided on a name for a homeschool... Olive Branch Academy won out over the other names we thought of. We decided to use Romans 11 as a corresponding passage and I have come up with the basic design for our logo. The boys are excited and it has really given them a sense of ownership. Micah and Xavier can't wait to make a flag and now they are talking about shirts and other things which I never even thought of, lol.

The boys have finished 1/2 of their school work this morning and now are fixing lunch. We will do math and finish writing afterwards. I finally put all of the past years work in their designated envelope's and labeled them. So their notebooks are fresh, clean and empty for a new year (which starts next week).

On another note... we are still waiting to see where we are moving to. We were told that we were going to Ludington, MI and then 4 hours later that changed - ARRR! It is so frustrating. I will be glad when July 26th gets here and the move and knowing where we will be living is finally over.

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