Such Angels - Such Demons

My boys are such angels! I went to the dentist this morning with the boys in tow. I told them to just hang out in the waiting room and we brought Yu-Gi-Oh cards, the Gameboy and a sketch pad so they had something to do. I prayed they would be good since they have been arguing so much lately. They were angels of course! The entire staffed told me how well behaved they are and how they were so quiet they could forget they were sitting there. My boys can you believe it????

Fast forward to an hour later...

Demons is what they are, lol. We barely get in the door and already the bickering has started. The screeching is ear piercing and the crying is non-stop. I am sorry you can't find your Bionicle pieces, no I don't know where they are. Moron is not an acceptable word. From now on consider it a cuss word. No you may not have a snack you can make a sandwich for lunch. What do you mean you accidentally hit your brother? I saw you. It is not an accident if you walk up and hit him. Such demons!!!

Guess what it is time for my nap! So be quiet and let me rest I am sick and have a headache.

Okay, so it's not really nap time. I was peacefully napping earlier and was awaken to a scream. Oh they are getting along now. How peaceful it all is now, well it would be if they did not believe that to speak they must yell.

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