Birds, Birds, & Birds

Who would have ever thought that I would become a bird watcher? We have been learning how to identify birds in our backyard. Well, yesterday as soon as I got up I had to let the dog outside (of course). When I opened the back door our yard was full. But the dog had to go so they flew away. After he was done though I sent him back inside as I watched to see if any came back. Soon the boys were outside with me and we probably spent a good hour out there. Our yard was full of robins, a couple of doves, a bunch of common grackle's and we saw a blue jay and a red-deaded woodpecker. How cool!! Later that evening I even saw a cardinal and some blue bird (not sure what kind). We definitely have to get a better bird guide.

The boys painted the base coat on their bird houses during the afternoon. Then Joel and I started working on some other bird houses that I am making out of penguin gourds. Not sure if they will work but they will be pretty hanging outside.

Unfortunately, it is raining today and there are not any birds outside right now. Maybe later though... I think we will finish decorating the bird houses today and then all we will have to do is coat them with some poly.

I will take some pictures soon and post them so everyone can have a look-see.

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