Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! Hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. We cooked out on the grill Saturday night and hung around the house most of the weekend. Joel left to go back to school this morning - only 18 days left before he graduates. I will be so happy when he is home again.

The boys and I spent the morning outside. We cleaned the garbage & recycling can - YUCK! Transplanted some plants into containers and others into the ground. Gave our doggie a bath - boy did he stink! I tore down the rotten wood container we had our flowers/garden in and spread the dirt around the yard. Then I watched as the boys played with some mole crickets they found.

After lunch I took a nice nap and now they are playing with a friend. Micah built a really neat sailboat out of the K'nex while I was napping and Xavier played around on the computer. Tomorrow we are going out to Fort Pulaski to do the Jr. Ranger program with some friends and have a picnic. We might hit the beach afterwards but I am not sure yet we may just wait until Friday to do that.

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