and no I did not watch a pirate movie. Our furnace was still acting up all day. Hopefully, Lord willing the problem is now solved. I pray! It was not the thermostat - Joel checked it out. It has come down to this box thing which if it does not continue to work then it will need replaced. It is just frustrating because the temps outside is about 40 (that was the high for today) and the house has been about 50. We finally saw a brief snowfall this evening but by the time the boys finished dinner and got dressed it had stopped. They are hoping it snows tonight so they can play in it tomorrow. I am praying for warmth, lol. Our forcast says (unfortunately) that there is more cold days ahead - Arrr - the highest we should see this week is Wed. with a whole 48 degrees.

Anyways, not a lot has been happening here. We have been fighting with the furnace, went to church with our neighbor (boys' loved it - Joel and I are not as thrilled). It was a pentacostal church and we just are not pentacostal people :-) Today we went looking for a space heater just to supplement our heat but I have no idea what kind to get. We did our school work and read a bunch of books. Now we are just hanging out.

Oh - I finally made Beef Tips & Gravy for dinner. It turned out good but I think the meat probably could have simmered a little longer. Oh well next time it will be better. I have had the recipe from MIL for years but never made it because of my inability to make gravy. But I have finally learned how - so I gave it a go.

The boys took a few pictures today so I will try to get them uploaded soon so I can post a couple of them. Until later - Nite!

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