Light Blogging

It has been almost a month since I last posted so I thought I would play catch up. We have spent the past week down in FL visiting family before we move to Michigan. We managed to bring up all our stuff from down there so now my carport is full of stuff (can we say trashy looking) and my house is wall to wall furniture. Poor Micah has dressers in front of dressers in his bedroom and I have baby stuff all over my bedroom floor thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law who has truely blessed me with more than I could have ever imagined.

We have done everything we can to get ready for the move - except pack. I am really procrastinating on that. The truck is scheduled for pick up on the 15th and we will be leaving on the 18th. I am really missing my friends already but am so excited to be going up near my Granny and to start the adventure that awaits us.

On another note we have a new addition to our family. While we where at my momma's someone had dropped off 3 kittens across the street from her house in the woods. My momma and sister went to investigate and they followed them back into our yard. Big uh-oh since my dad is allergic. We decided to keep 1 of them but had to take the other 3 to the animal shelter. One was hurt and he needed medical attention. So now we have a little black kitty with white feet running around our house and torturing our dog. Luckily he is getting use to the kitty, only problem Patches wants to play with Whiskers and Whiskers is not into that.