Joel and the boys have finished working on their walking sticks for the most part. I have to re-shellac them tomorrow but they will be ready to use by Thursday. Then we will have to go do something so they can actually use them ;) I keep trying to upload a picture so I can post it but the darn thing won't upload thanks to my sorry internet service.

Xavier has a sore throat now (not good) but feels okay for the most part (PTL). He woke me up this morning wanting medicine though which is always a bad sign. We are suppose to be heading out to Ft. Pulaski in a few hours but now I am kinda waiting it out to see if we really need to be going off. Hopefully whatever Xavier is trying to come down with doesn't become contagious and Micah will be feeling okay.

We are starting our summer school plan this week. Fun, fun, fun and the 3 r's too. Lol.
Here's the plan for the week:
Tuesday - Ft. Pulaski to participate in the Jr. Ranger program
Wednesday - Etiquette class begins (we are doing this ourselves)
Thursday - Park Day
Friday - Possible beach trip

Micah is starting his 3rd grade math book this summer and Xavier is reviewing some of the math from this past year. Xavier gets real frustrated with math so we are going to take some time to make sure he understands it perfectly.

I still have to come up with the overall plan but it should work out pretty well even with moving.

They are going to be keeping journals over the summer that should help with reading, writing & spelling. Plus hopefully not be a total bore when it comes to doing Language Arts. I thought maybe we could do a scrapbook type journal and a nature journal.

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