Simple Woman's Daybook


Simple Woman Daybook

FOR TODAY Monday May 11, 2009
Outside my window...
Cloudy skies, and the looks of rain

I am thinking...
Should I call the Dr. about Micah's tonsils or give it 1 more day (that is how long his brothers cold lasted this past week)

I am thankful for...
My dear husband, my 3 boys, and for the blessings and love that my Savior has shown me.

From the learning rooms...
We will continue our English & Math studies and hopefully finish up science and geography this week.

From the kitchen...
Oh, how I need to go to the grocery store. I think we will have sausage keish tonight.

I am wearing...
My pajamas ;-)

I am creating...
Well more like planning on creating a few skirts. Hopefully I will get one finished by the end of the week. However, I have some mending that is more of a priority.

I am going...
to keep living one day at a time

I am reading...
The Book of Peter in my Bible, and the Latin Road to English Grammar

I am hoping...
(Praying) for my DH cousin who is having medical problems, my Granny who is in the hospital. That Micah cold heals quickly and for a new vehicle as we have outgrown the little Tracker.

I am hearing...
Noises from the boys cleaning their rooms upstairs, dogs playing, Isaac driving his cars.

Around the house...
A cleaning is in order, laundry to be done, and a household manual to be worked on.

One of my favorite things...
A child's laughter!! What a joy to hear each day!!

A few plans for the rest of the week:
We will be at home the first part of the week, then things get a little bit busy. At some point I have to go get my 1st glucose test done this week.
Tuesday the pest control comes by for their preventive maintenance.
Thursday we need to our grocery shopping.
Friday is Field Day (being put on by a club in our local homeschool group).
Saturday I am taking some finger foods up to the church where our homeschool group's graduation and reception will be held.
Sunday - church of course

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

The Boat Has Been Rocked!

Yesterday I went for my ultrasound. I had a wonderful tech, we laughed, joked and yapped while she snapped the pics she was suppose to take of the baby. The boys were so upset they could not be there for the ultrasound (they went with me when I was prego with Isaac). The wanted to know the sex of the baby so bad. So I did a nice thing and had the tech write it in a piece of paper. I asked for her to just write it down so we could open it together. Forgetting that I was getting pics... She took a pic of the sex and stapled it into a piece of paper. I even looked away so I did not know.

Joel has been working midnight to noon shift. So he was asleep when I got home, and we waited, and waited. When he woke up we found out. I was in shock!! She wrote below the picture "3 bright white lines. A girl!!" and on the pic it was typed "Think Pink".


Of course I was excited, but I was also in shock. I have 3 boys - this one definitely is gonna be different. The boat has been rocked for sure!! Last night I was scared. Girls have girly issues and DRAMA. Boys are easy. BUT by this morning I am already planning Mother - Daughter teas and Girl Scouts. Whoo Hoo! A girl!!

Who would have thought I would have ever had a girl.... only my Lord!! Praise his name! While I may have doubts of being a mom to a girl odviously He thought I could handle it ;-)

I guess it is time to change the name of my blog, lol
In Christ~

Update on "us"

I know I have been pretty bad at posting (sorry). Things here are going well. We are still chugging away at school and slowly finishing up this year's curriculum. I have figured out almost all of my lesson plans for next school year. We are going to continue a few studies through the summer months. Which will help the boys not forget things they have learned over the year and give us the ability to take a little time off when the baby is born.

We are still using the workboxes (oh what a wonderful idea). It is not a miracle worker... Xavier still wanders off, but Micah gets done with most of his school work by lunchtime.

Friday I go for my ultrasound - yay!!! Hopefully baby will cooperate and we will be able to see if it's a boy or a girl.

Anyways, I will try to post some pics soon.
Love you all!!