Busy Sunday

Today was a pretty busy day. We woke up late so we did not make it to church. Which is okay because it seems that all of us had a rough night last night. Joel went and got propane for the grill (oh yeah - we got a grill, nothing fancy a typical $110 gas grill but it was on sale for $50). So he cooked dinner tonight and it was good. Although we are use to charcoal so he is having to get use to the gas. I headed to Muskegon for foam & fabric. I managed to do the bottom cushion of our couch but I need to get some more batting that way it looks a little more like a cushion. It turned out okay - could be better but the boys and Joel like it. So that is a good thing. I will do the back cushion later. Once it is done I will send a picture out since more than likely posting pics on this thing is going to be a nightmare to say the least.

Joel cleaned up the house and straightened the computer room so it is at least presentable. Yesterday he built me shelves in the kitchen - YAY!! They turned out real nice and I am so thankful for them and Joel for making them.

While I was at the store he fixed my camera. Seems that the battery wasn't in right? I don't know I took it out and put it back in but it still wasn't working for me. He says it works fine but I haven't tested it out yet, lol. I will take some pics tomorrow and see if I can email them out. Hopefully it won't take all day to get them mailed otherwise I will go down and put them on a cd and snail mail them.

Tomorrow Granny Dot and Tom are coming to visit. That will be nice :-) But I need to go to bed so I can clean up the house a little (typical stuff) before they get here. I did all our laundry yesterday but I need to do bedding so I will probably head up there Tuesday to do it & an extra load of clothes so they don't pile up to bad over the week. I can not wait until I have a washing machine and dryer! I may bring home the sheets to hang on the line. I know I have clothespins around here somewhere but they are probably still in a box which needs unpacked. So it will depend on if I can find them first. I don't want to buy any since I know I have a whole thing of them.

Anyways, I am off to bed. Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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Nana said...

I love it that you are posting again and keeping us up to speed on what is going on.
I think it's great that you only have to drive 30 minutes to shop and that you are redoing your funiture. Keep posting and put pictures of the whole house, room by room here on your blog. I really want to see it. Inside and out! So get busy and don't bother about prints. Just post them for us.
Your Nana.