Lazy day, Sunday afternoon

I am in a Moody Blues mood. Unfortunately I could not find the cd ( I didn't look to hard either) but the boys and I compromised and listened to Green Day & Pink Floyd while we cleaned house today. The living room is nice and pretty & I even managed to do the carpet. Laundry is caught up for the most part and now I just need to tackle the dining room again.

Xavier is feeling better, still coughing but no fever. Micah and I are still stuffed up but that is slowly going away. They may actually be able to get on the slip and slide in a few days. Which would be awesome since I got it for them last week and they have yet to be able to go on it.

Micah and I are really into Food Network these days. So much so that he watches it over cartoons 1/2 the time and I dream of being in the Better Burger Build Off. How weird are we? Lol. So I was watching it last night and they have been having a wedding extravaganza in their shows. Everything from a wedding cake competition to showing a Disney wedding. Which I dropped my mouth at and not out of envy but because I could not help but laugh. How would you like Mickey and Minnie showing up, being introduced by the footman guy from Cinderella and riding in her coach. All for the low price of $70,000 total. The ride in the coach is $2500 alone. Their wedding cake $800. I could buy a house for the price of their wedding. I am in shock at what people will spend and the fact they want it at Disney. I guess being from Central FL gives one a certain view on Disney. Been there - done that. Oh we have to take the kids there? Can't we go to Busch Gardens? Sorry I am just amazed.

Anyways, the day started off fine. Kids playing chess - until they started fighting. Then I told them to put it away and clean their stuff out of the living room. Oh - I raised my voice so now I am mean by Xavier's standards and he wants his Daddy because he won't be mean to him. So he had to call his Daddy. I am trying not to laugh as he talks to Dad on the phone.

Later on though I became "cool" again. I took them to the horrible store called WalMart and they got to buy a finger light with their own money. I am still trying to figure out what the purpose of having a small flash light on one's finger is. For $1.82 they are content.

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