Happy Labor Day

We have been enjoying our Labor Day weekend. Joel was home by 3 on Friday so we spent the afternoon talking and hanging out. Saturday we headed over to Muskegon to find an Office Max or Staples so Joel could get some supplies he needs for work. We treated the boys to a trip to PetSmart while there and came home with a few new fish. So our small little tank has life again ;)

We tried out a new church today. It was nice, neither Joel or I have any complaints but Joel does not know if it is the one. The Pastor was extremely nice as was his wife. The congregation was not very welcoming as Joel pointed out but that is okay as far as I am concerned I am not to into shaking every person in the church's hand, lol. There are a lot of kids the boys age which is another plus. The boys are not to thrilled with there not being a children's church. So they had to sit through the entire service. But they were good and liked it for the most part. So we shall see.

After church Joel started mowing some of the lawn. It looks like this will probably be the last time he has to mow it this year. The leaves are changing colors already. I say already because to me it is only September. But between leaves changing and it being in the 40's at night it seems like fall is already here. There is a fire pit in the yard and the boys spent the afternoon cleaning it out and breaking sticks. So they had a nice fire going most of the afternoon and evening. Joel convinced them to camp out tonight. So I am sitting in the house alone with the animals as they snuggle into their sleeping bags. I did treat them and went to the store to get stuff to make smores. Then Joel sent me in to make hot cocoa for the boys around 9:30 as it is chilly out there. Then we tucked them into the tent. Joel is sleeping out there tonight with them of course since it is their first camping in a tent experience. Well other than when he tried to get them to camp when they were only 3/5 years old.

Tomorrow will probably be a real lazy day. I am sure the boys will be ready to spend most of it in front of the tv since they have not watched it since this morning before church. Plus I can see Joel wanting a nap I know sleeping on the ground can not be that comfortable and he won't use his mattress pad since the boys don't have one and they need to learn to camp without it ;)

On another note... the boys start soccer Thursday. They are really excited and Micah can not wait. Xavier while excited wants to take tae-kwon-do also. So we are going to have to check into that later this week as it does help him stay more centered. We are going to go sign up for cub scouts hopefully on the 19th. Both of the boys are excited about that also. I am not as excited but hope to find out about 4H next week. I hate to over schedule them since I truely do not believe in doing that to your children. However with us just moving here I am trying to plug in everywhere I can so they can make some friends.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I will try to post in a couple of days.
Love you all

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