Etiquette Changed

just a little bit due to the fact that my kids have been monsters and we needed to seriously discuss the burping thing. For some reason they think it is cool to burp the alphabet. Okay, I will admit I did not exactly nip that in the bud like I should have when it first started. So now I am dealing with it bigtime <-That is probably what I looked like at one point as they smiled at me, laughed and said but it is fun.

So the fine points of today's manner/etiquette lesson were the appropriate way to burp and the definition of the word rude. Hopefully they got the point, lol.

We did finish math today - YAY! So now they totally get the concept of multiplication and multiplying by 0 & 1. Now we will practice that for a few days along with their speed drills and then move on to 2 & 5.

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