Baby News

Well, I went to the Dr. and he is not changing my due date but I think he is going to be keeping an eye on me none-the-less. Since he is having me come in next week (2 weeks from when I saw him last). All my tests and the ultrasound looked good. I am getting bigger, but Joel says I am not as big as I was (yet) when I had Micah or Xavier but I have a couple of months to go :-) However I weigh more now then I did when I delivered either of the boys. 129 lbs. at my last visit - ughh!! That's okay though. He is a kicking and a moving and when he gets on a roll you can see my stomach going all over the place which is funny. The boys are excited - even Micah. They both come up and put their heads on my tummy and tell me what the baby is saying and try to get him to kick them in the head, lol. Silly kids ;-)

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