it's cold & other musings

I hope.. I pray.. that the furnace is now fixed. It is running for the time being so that is a good thing. However if it acts up again then we are pretty much stuck until Friday afternoon because that is the soonest the furnace guys can come to look at it. So we are hoping and praying...

It is warmer today and will be a little warmer tomorrow according to the last weather report I heard but who knows. It changes daily here.

Xavier did not go to the ENT today because I had to cancel the appointment because of the insurance. But we were able to get that all worked out so he is going on Monday.

Other than that... school is going well. Xavier is sick so he has only done a little bit today but that is okay. Micah passed Chapter 15's Math Test. So he is 1/2 way done with the book and will be able to review perimeter and probably take the next test Friday. I figured he would probably need the next book by January but at this rate he will probably be needing it by December. Which is great but means I need to order it - aghh there is $50. The only positive thing is when Xavier moves to the next book I will only have to buy the student set because I will already have the teacher's manual & dvd. I am debating on buying the tm though because I have the dvd and so I may just get the student book because I can use the dvd to see how to present the lesson if I have a problem. That will save me $30 :-)We still have not found a spelling program I really want to try but I found some books at the library which are helping.

I did go to the Dr. yesterday and everything still looks good and there is nothing new to report there. I lost a couple of pounds but that is okay because I had gained quite a few within 2 weeks at my last visit. So I am right on target.

That's about all for now.

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