Well the dining room table is almost clean. You can sit at 3 chairs and eat so that is a plus. My school piles are smaller but still a couple are waiting for me to go through them. My neighbor came over and asked to borrow our flash cards this morning. She is working with her kids on the addition facts so they can possibly not be held back next year. So I gave her ours, we don't use them that often.

The boys spent the day playing with friends, on the computer, and building things with legos. A normal day for the most part ;-) They are excited about spending the night with a friend tomorrow and had to talk to him 4 times today on the phone.

We watched the movie "The Parrots of Telegraph Hill" and it was awesome!!! We all loved it. If you don't know it is about these wild parrots that live in San Francisco. This man feeds them and you get to know about him and how he came to care for these wild birds. It really is an amazing movie.

Oh we have set a date for our next Jr. Ranger Program. The family we met with at Pulaski and the boys and I are going to meet up again to go to Fort Frederica. We will get our new pins and have a picnic. It should be a lot of fun. The only problem we currently are running into is that we have one pin from Pulaski missing (it jumped shipped somewhere in the house). So we are looking for it and until we find it I won't let either boy claim the one we know where it is. Because honestly they do not know which one of them lost theirs.

Well hope you have a good night. It is past my bedtime and I am hitting the sack.

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