My Poor Baby

X-man is feeling horrible. He has the coughing, aching, sneezing, runny nose, I am going to give him some Nyquil so he can sleep on the kitchen floor or where ever he lands medicine. The worst part is his friend is having a Doctor Who party tonight and he can't go. Micah is over there playing now but my poor baby is asleep and not going to be able to go. I doubt he will be having a friend spend the night tomorrow either at this rate. To bad-so sad. I feel bad but at the same time with him feeling like this there is no way.

Joel passed his test - YAY!! So in a week he will be home and graduated from this school. PTL. I can not wait because with him gone things just aren't the same. Plus the yard needs mowed real bad and it is to hot for me to go do it, lol. (See I need you honi, lol). Although Micah has been trying to mow it with my reel mower, it just is not cutting it (no pun intended).

Anyways, hope everyone has a great weekend. We will be hanging out at the house & praying for healing.

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