I deleted it mom...

For science today we watched a movie about the Human body. Nothing fancy mainly a brief overview of the different parts and functions. Afterwards I asked each boy a couple of questions (separate from each other) trying to see what they found interesting about it. Needless to say I didn't get to far.

Mom: What did you think about the movie?
Xavier: It was good.
Mom: Did you find out anything new?
Xavier: Umm.. I forgot, I was paying attention to the movie though.

Looks like he should watch it again...

Mom: What did you think about the movie?
Micah: It was good.
Mom: Can you tell me something they talked about?
Micah: Umm.. No, I was paying attention to the movie.
Mom: That's the answer your brother gave me (starting to laugh). I think we will watch it again.
Micah: Mom in the movie they said the brain deletes things it does not think is important and saves the things that are.
Mom: Ok (maybe he did pay attention to the movie)
Micah: I guess my brain didn't think it was important.
Mom: Shakes head and laughs...

We will be watching it again :-)

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