Another Cold Day

The beginning of the week was chilly but not to bad now it is getting cold again. According to the weather man this is the weather we should be having at the end of November not October. As far as I am concerned it is the weather we should have in January right before it starts to warm up, lol. the worst part is not the cold but not seeing the sun.

Xavier goes to the ENT next Wednesday. So hopefully we will find out then what is causing his lymph node to swell and hopefully it just has to finish healing and it is no big deal.

School has been a hit and miss this week. Things here while not as hectic just have not been up to par. We did most of our school while doing laundry yesterday. I got a few funny looks at first by some of the older women there (guess they aren't use to homeschoolers). But the one lady kept watching us as the boys recited their memory work; definitions for nouns, proper nouns, pronouns & verbs; listed some pronouns & made up sentences using them; figured out the square footage of the laundry mat and we all played "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" as it was on the tv there. It was fun though. The boys helped with laundry of course. When we do finally get a washer & dryer they wil be able to do their own laundry or help me with it. The only thing they need help with some is folding. Which is cool. After we got home they played and hung out and I finally tackled the office and it is DONE!! YES!! Even Joel was impressed with how straight and clean it is. I need to get a surge protector then both computers will be useable. So the boys will soon be able to play some of their computer games that we have. Now the big area of attack is the upstairs bedroom which we use as a storage room/closet. The only problem is that room is so cold that I really don't want to go in there and do anything with it. But I need to so I will sometime in the near future.

I don't think I am nesting yet but I know what I want to have accomplished before the baby arrives and that has been my motivation. So maybe I am... just a little?

Today we have some school to do and the boys have Time Out this afternoon. Plus we need to return some library books. There is nothing majorly pressing to do we have a few things on the days agenda. So I better get moving - hope you have a wonderful & blessed day!

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