It is way to quiet

in this house with the boys gone. It is sad when I can't even enjoy the alone time because I don't feel like doing anything. Plus there is no one yapping, yelling, arguing, or laughing. I tell you I am amazed at how Joel did it the past few years. Just one night and I am complaining, lol.

I dropped the boys off at their friends and headed to the store. I picked up a little surprise for them - a slip & slide. It was cheap & will give them something fun to do here at the house since it has been to hot for me to really go anywhere. Then I splurged and got a banana milkshake - mmmm - good. Only to come home and nap. I have had no caffeine today so a major headache was in store. After 6 hours, 4 tylenol & a glass of coca-cola it has finally gone away. PTL. I was headed to bed if it didn't.

I talked to Joel, who knows where we are going. I am not worried about it, I figure we will find out when we get there. It would be nice to know before hand but I am not going to dwell on it because then I will only stress myself out.

Can you tell I am bored??? I'll probably think of more to write later, lol.

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