Military/Civil Service is Coming Your Way

Military/Civil Service is coming your way. We are a country with a voluntary military or at least we where. In February Congressman Charles Rangall introduced the bill called the "Universal National Service Act of 2006 - HR 4752 H" yesterday the house was to convene and possibly adopt this bill.

This bill can be summed up as a Mandatory Draft. It will require all persons between the ages of 18 - 42 to register with selective service and perform a period of military or civilian service.

There are a lot of individuals who agree with this bill on both party lines. I am not one of them. While I understand that our country is falling short when it comes to how many soldiers are in the military, we are a voluntary military non-the-less. To require all persons to join ignores the fact that God has called everyone according to His purpose.

Furthermore our country is failing to support the men and women who are currently serving their country. They do not make a "decent wage" as some suggest, a majority of military families fall below the poverty line enough that they are on welfare. When the men and women return from Iraq poisoned by the depleted uranium our government turns their backs on them. This is the same thing which happened with Vietnam & the previous Gulf War. To many times the military is not given the equipment they need to perform their jobs. So how are we going to pay for more soldiers whether they are in the military or performing a civil job? I do not see congress taking a cut in pay to provide for the men and women who risk their lives because they believe in our Constitution and are serving their country out of Patriotism and the simple fact that it is a job that provides the necessary means to care for and support their families.

In case some of you do not realize your daughters are not safe. In today's society the feminist movement that began years ago has taken over. Women are expected and taught that they can do any job that a man does and more than likely do it better. This bill does not make an exception. Regardless of sex, women will now have to register with the Selective Service. They will be required to fulfill the same duties as our sons. While we may raise our daughters to be "keepers at home" as the Bible instructs the government will put them in the workforce for their own purposes. They will be expected to live up to the feminist standards and not only do their jobs which does not glorify the positions the Lord has given them but do it above and beyond the call of duty in the name of equal rights.

We as a nation must make a stand and not allow the government to force our children and even ourselves into a position in which the Lord has not called us. Mothers will be torn away from their families, our children will be thrown into a Godless society where the government will be able to "raise them" according to their pagan standards and Fathers will be left with an even lower sense of worth because their wives are no longer their helpmeet but instead working not for the betterment of their families but for a government which does not appreciate nor support the role the Lord has given women.

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