Cold & Snow?

I told my dear hubby it is time for us to go to FL for the winter. It has been cold; last week we were in the 30's and luckily we have been in the 50's this week. Last week it snowed (more like sleet if you ask me) but Micah & Xavier were very impressed. Except Micah says it freezes your hands (he didn't have snow gloves on & the store was sold out). We got the boys their gloves yesterday (the last 2 pairs in the store). Plus they now have boots and Micah got a new jacket so Xavier is wearing the one his wonderful aunt lent us! So now they will be ready come next Monday when it is suppose to snow again.

Snow in October - what the heck? I want my FL or GA weather!!!

Unfortunately Xavier does not yet realize that no matter how hard he tries to go outside in a t-shirt it just is not going to cut it. So we argue all the time about him putting on a jacket. Not to mention - what do you mean I have to wear thermal underwear?

Micah on the other hand who was debating on living here when he grows up is now opting for beach weather and the south - takes after his grandparents! You should all be proud!

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