What is education?

What is education? Who has the Lord given authority to when it comes to educating your children? What is the Lord's vision for you and how will you minister to your children and husband? What is the principle approach?

These are some questions I have had to think about when I started looking into the Principle Approach of Education. The answers are not surprising but they are thought provoking especially in this day and age & you are use to thinking in a humanistic/secular manner.

After a lot of thinking, looking up definitions & Bible verses to correspond with the definitions; I have come up with a 4 page outline of my duty as a wife/mother/Christian and some answers. What surprises me most is not that I already know what the Bible says but how often I do not follow the Lord's commands in the area of educating my children. It is really sad when you think about it.

For example - you teach your children that the Lord created everything but when it comes to academics you tend to leave out how the Lord had a hand in what it is that they are studying. Even in Christian curriculum you get bogged down with facts and don't learn the ins and outs of what the Lord has done.

How can we as Christians separate language, math, science & of course history from the Lord? Was it not He that made these things? The Bible tells us to teach them everything came from Him and in all things we are to glorify His name but are we doing it? A lot of thinking is being done on my part as I go down this path the Lord has placed in front of me.

I know some of you think I am on another one of my tangents... like the headcovering thing or the not wearing pants thing... By the way I have not quite figured those out yet.

Anyways.. it is a lot of food for thought for me regardless. Ok now I will go to bed. Just thought I would share what's on my mind. If you truely are interested or want to see where this is headed you can check it out HERE.

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