KJV Bible

Like most people I grew up thinking that the Bible version you read did not matter because they were all the Word of God. I have known a few people who read only the KJV but it was never an issue so I just continued on my way. Until recently when I heard a sermon online about why the KJV is the only true Word of God. Oh WoW! According to the sermon certain translations have not only changed words so the original meaning was also changed but certain words and verses had been totally deleted. After personally going through my Bibles and looking at the differences I decided to further study this issue. After reading both sides of the KJV debate and sorting through what versions come from what texts and manuscripts I have decided to join the ranks of the KJV only crowd. The decision to switch was actually quite simple once I understood where the Bible translations came from and I saw the changes and omissions in my various Bibles. Of course my poor brain does not understand why so many churches have allowed these bibles with deleted verses in their church and even worse why they preach from them. Satan will get his hold on whatever he can I suppose. I just pray the Lord continues to open my eyes to the truth and He leads me on the path I am to go.


Not My Day...

Where do I even begin? Today has no been one of our best days. Joel has been told to be ready to PCS just in case he is not staying in Korea. Mind you a week ago he was told his extension paperwork went through and he would be there 3 more months. (Hmmm).
I spent 40 minutes waiting for 2 doctor's appointment only to be told Tricare won't pay for them. They charged me $35 per child to look in the mouth with a tongue depressor, listen to them breathe and fill out a piece of paper? You have got to be kidding me! We stopped by Gamestop on the way home because Xavier's PSP's analog stick is not working... oh I have to contact Sony because the stupid product replacement plan i paid for doesn't go into effect until Sony's warranty expires. So I put in a service request only for it to "not be processed". What does that mean?

Luckily the night did get better. Xavier went to Awana tonight (his first time ever) and had a blast. Micah went to Middle school Bible Study and it was and I quote "SWEET". We did not get home until almost 9 and after a little wind down time the boys got tucked into bed and we read a 2 more chapters of "My Brother Sam is Dead". We are really enjoying this book and are 1/2 way through it already. I better start looking for our next book to read as this one will be done in a week at this rate.

In the end I just have to remember that no matter how frustrating I may get at things tomorrow is a new day and Praise God - He is in control and I am blessed!

Monday's News

I should have known it was going to be an "off" day when I woke up this morning and the boys were jumping around the house. Micah decided to conveniently clean out the car from this past weekend when we were fixing to start school but that is okay because it gave me a few minutes with Xavier do review our math and he was able to take the test and fact test. While Micah worked on his math Xavier did his science and history reading. English was put on hold along with SOW because Micah had started his science while I was putting Isaac down for his nap.

Today for SOW we worked on the topical study "helper". As we discussed our scripture verse my 2 dear sons thought it would be funny to draw pictures of their future wife. Well... draw pictures of their brothers future wife. First they were funny pictures, then Xavier decided to draw a French girl. Now I am not sure what made her French but here is a stick girl with a dress, scarf and sunglasses on her head. He went to draw high heels but Micah piped up that he doesn't like heels so she became barefooted. After his drawing Micah says in a French accent (or at least what he thinks is a French accent) "Me like French girl". Xavier then informed us he wants a Swedish wife. Ok.. this is not where this lesson was suppose to go. But the class clowns just kept rolling along. Thankfully they did understand the lesson, even though they goofed around a bit :-)

Tonight we have music practice and then we are going by my momma's house for a little while. We have to leave a little earlier than planned because my dear son Xavier broke the chin piece off his violin. How he managed that I still don't quite understand.

Oh - the boys birthday party/camping trip was canceled because of Hurricane Faye. The boys were not thrilled at all but what that is how it goes at times. Anyways, hope everyone has a wonderful evening.

Friday's Ramble

Yesterday I broke the news to the boys that dad won't be home in October like planned. Surprisingly they took it pretty well. As anyone in the military knows nothing is ever set in stone so his 1 year unaccompanied tour will now be a 15 month tour. But because of deployment dates here in the states Joel is hoping that he can extend for 2 years in Korea and bring us over after all. We should know pretty soon on whether it will be approved or not. I have been tasked out to get the EFMP paperwork on Xavier filled out because that may have a bearing on if they will let us over. Because Xavier was diagnosed with asthma they turned him down on Germany tour. To be honest I am not sure how much I want to go to Korea but it does mean I will be able to be with my hubby for 2 years without deployments (unless something drastically changes). However, I am looking to the Lord and trusting He will put us where we are suppose to be. I just wish he would hurry up. Patience is something I desperately need, don't pray for and still have to learn.

On another note... Xavier is getting quite good at chess. He has finally gotten the strategy part down. Which means that I have to actually pay more attention to the board now and not make silly mistakes which he did not notice before. Micah and him played a couple of games today, I played Xavier once and I have to play Micah tomorrow. I think we are back to the "good old days" and will be playing chess for hours each day like we use to do.

I hope everyone has a wonderful night! I am off to surf...

Weekly Update

This week has gone by so quickly. We started the week off great but life happened so we had to put school on hold Thursday and Friday. We have begun SOW Lesson 2 and are diving into Genesis 2. We managed to get our outline, vocabulary and memory verse done this week. I was hoping to finish the Language Arts section but we will pick it up Saturday. Yes, I did say Saturday! Next week the boys leave for a camping trip/birthday party Monday morning and I do not pick them back up until Wednesday morning. So we are going to work on SOW Saturday and then finish it up next Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

We finished reading Island of the Blue Dolphins this week. Both boys have completed their rough draft for a book review and will be typing it up next week as well as making a cover for the book and writing a short author biography.

Last weekend Micah built his first shelf. He did everything but use the circular saw. I am not sure what he is planning on building next but he can't wait to get his own set of tools.


Time flies by...

I know I should be taking pictures but that would involve getting the camera out of my car where it has been sitting for the past couple of weeks. Last Tuesday the boys and I were blessed with the arrival of my sister's new baby, Natalie!! Yay! The boys were excited to see their new cousin.

Tuesday we went to Daytona Museum of Arts & Science and explored the current exhibits. The boys loved the exhibit of photographs from WWII but were not impressed with the Greek art (Xavier was especially distraught over the male nudity on some of the vases). This of course led into many discussions.

Wednesday we headed over to Daytona again to see the baby. Afterwards we went to the local Christian bookstore where I was able to pick up 2 books I wanted to use for school and Xavier bought a necklace. We ended the day at a local park where the boys played with some friends while I toured what is going to be the new art center located at the park. The center offers homeschool classes in Spanish, Art, Writing and Theater. I thought the day was done until I got home and remembered that Xavier had basketball camp starting that evening. The camp was Wed., Thurs., and Friday for a couple hours each night. Needless to say he had a blast and has been dribbling ever since.

We continued to review the first lesson in SOW last week. Micah and Xavier have been really getting into reading their Bible each morning before school. Micah has even taken to reading it at night before bed. What a blessing to see! It has been so wonderful to put the Lord first each day and use His word for our school work. I sat down this weekend and "planned" the next couple of weeks out. We are spending about 2 weeks on each SOW lesson. So far the plan is:

week a
Monday - Reading, Penmanship, Outline, English #1 in SOW
Tuesday - Penmanship, Vocabulary, Topical, English #2-4 in SOW
Wed. - Reading, Penmanship, Character, English #5 in SOW
Thursday - Penmanship, Setting, English #6 in SOW, Literature (Short Story or Book)
Friday - Penmanship, Commentary, English #7 in SOW

week b
Monday - Reading, Penmanship, Sci/Geo/History
Tuesday - Penmanship, Sci/Geo/History
Wednesday - Reading, Penmanship, Creative Writing
Thursday - Pemanship, Creative Writing and/or Elective, Literature (Poetry)
Friday - Memory Verse Quiz, Elective

During the second week we are using extras for English pulling from Rod & Staff or Learning English with the Bible. We also use things from Remembering God's Awesome Acts the second week. We plan any field trips which correspond with the SOW lesson for Friday ofthe second week.

Well I hope you have a wonderful day... I need to get to bed. God Bless :)