Emily Post & Etiquette

The boys and I are going to have an "etiquette class" over the summer. I would love to send them to an actual class in Orlando but since that is not possible. We are going to do it ourselves. They don't know about this yet though, lol. The plan is (I love to make plans it is implementing them that is the problem)... anyways the plan is that we will be working on manners and adding actual etiquette things each week. This week we are going to hit some of the basics which they already do and add to them. I figure we will have an actual class each Wed. and then work on the skills the rest of the week over the summer.

This week we are going to talk about why we say thank you & please, Sir & Maam, and opening doors for people. These are things they already do but need a gentle reminder at times. So it should be pretty easy this week.

I did find Emily Post's book online. So I am reading over it and seeing what exactly she had to say on the matter. I have never read it before and I am positive that there are a lot of things that I can learn also as we go over some of the basic things.

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