Schedules - Weekly Review

Starting off a new morning routine has been pretty easy so far. Xavier and Isaac are totally into it and things are definitely improving. We do not eat breakfast together as I had hoped for, but Xavier is up way earlier than Isaac and I and eats almost as soon as he wakes up.

Monday and Tuesday we got up, relaxed for about 30 minutes, had breakfast then went upstairs to clean bedrooms and complete the upstairs chores. Everything went real smooth and Xavier even practiced his guitar in the morning. We were done by 10 (which is good since we didn't get upstairs until around 9ish).

Things went a little different Wednesday though. I had to go for another Dr. appointment so when we got up we started off okay. Except we were having to leave the house early so the upstairs chores were going to have to wait until we got home. Isaac didn't quite understand why things were not going like the past two days. As I stood in the kitchen putting stuff into my purse he struts into the kitchen doorway, puts his hand on the wall, looks at me and says "Have you cleaned your room?" and started heading up the stairs. It was so funny. Who knew that in only 2 days my little one would be wanting to go upstairs to clean.

Today is another off day. Isaac and I woke up late (I really need to start setting my alarm clock). However, Xavier has completed all of his chores and is now playing his PSP. Which is an amazing thing and I better get moving if I plan to accomplish any of my goals for today.

Schedules - Week 1

I have a love/hate relationship with schedules. I love making them but am horrible at implementing them. The bad part is we work better when we have a schedule in place whether it is for school or just general home life. However, we have not been sticking to any kind of schedule for the past couple of months. It has really become a free for all here and the chaos is taking over (along with attitudes and misbehavior). So what do I do?

I decided that I needed to start somewhere... but where? With me having to check my blood sugar I have really become aware of the time. Not sure that if that is good or bad but it is a beginning.

I am not writing out a strict schedule and trying to implement it all at once. Instead we are going to slowly work into a schedule that way I can make adjustments to it as needed. So with my "handy dandy notebook" in hand we are starting each day this week with a goal in mind. I am hoping to add a goal to each day and slowly work our way into a complete schedule over the next month or two. This way we make a habit of some things before we start school up.

Week 1
Monday - wake up and eat breakfast together as a family

Tuesday - complete Monday's goal and then complete our chores

Wednesday - complete Monday & Tuesday's goals

Thursday - complete Monday & Tuesday's goals then take a walk

Friday - complete Monday, Tuesday and Thursday's goal then ? (Friday is going to be co-op day so on the days we don't have co-op I would like to do something fun)

Quick Update

Yep, I have gestational diabetes - Nope, my platelets are good after all (although they will recheck them when I go into labor)- So far, acupuncture has not worked on turning "baby girl" around.

I went for acupuncture twice this week and although she moved a little each time. She then went right back to where she was to begin with. So they sent me home with moxa cones to help (it hasn't done anything, lol).

I also had to go to a nutrition class and get my glucose meter Thursday. That took all morning long. Friday we were back at the hospital visiting the pharmacy to pick up more strips/lancelets for the meter.

The diabetes thing is not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be (Praise God). The biggest problem I have with the whole thing is having to be on a strict schedule of eating and testing my blood. I don't mind schedules per se... I just don't normally look at a clock through out the day so I have to set an alarm to remind me to check my levels every time.

To top it off we all ended up with a cold this weekend. Not the best end to a hectic week, but what can you do?

Oh well... I need to get to bed so I can start the new week a fresh.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Xavier has been begging to make pancakes. Not just any pancakes though, he wanted chocolate chip pancakes. This morning he decided to hit the kitchen and make breakfast for us. They were awesome!


Play-Doh Fun

Isaac had a blast playing Play-Doh last weekend. We bought it for him a few weeks ago, but never got around to pulling it out and actually letting him play. Now it is one of his favorite things to do.



Only 7 More Weeks

to go.. and hopefully it will be less. I love being pregnant but I hate some of the things that come with it. The sleepless nights, backaches, and currently the exhaustion. I also am not to thrilled with the fact that my midwife informed me I was "old". Therefore not matter how hard I tried I had to take the glucose test again. Of course it came back BAD. So I got to spend Friday morning taking the "3 hour" test (which actually takes 4 hours). Plus having my blood rechecked again (we spent Wed. morning in the lab also) because my platelets are low. Good grief!! I am still waiting for results but am praying everything is normal and it was just a fluke. Tuesday I get to go back to the doctor to see an acupuncturist. The hope is that an acupuncturist will help get "baby girl" to turn her little behind around and get her head out of my ribcage. One can pray!

Though Troubles Assail Us

Though Troubles Assail Us by John Newton

Though troubles assail us and dangers affright,
Though friends should all fail us and foes all unite,
Yet, one thing secures us, whatever betide,
The promise assures us, "The Lord will provide."

The birds without garner or storehouse, are fed;
From them let us learn to trust God for our bread.
His saints what is fitting shall ne'er be denied.
So long as 'tis written, "The Lord will provide."

When Satan assails us to stop up our path,
And courage all fails us, we triumph by faith.
He cannot take from us, though oft he has tried,
This heart cheering promise, "The Lord will provide."

No strength of our own an no goodness we claim;
Yet, since we have known of the Savior's great name,
In this our strong tower for safety we hide:
The Lord is our power, "The Lord will provide."