Update on the Boys!

Hello!! I know it has been over a month since I have posted and I will try to get better at posting on a more regular basis. It is has been hard getting to it between us having dial up and my laziness ;-) I was debating on starting an actual family newsletter but haven't decided yet if it would be a good idea or not.

Anyways, the boys have been having a blast at soccer. Their last game was this past Saturday and they won! Their final scores was 2 wins & 2 losses. Not bad at all. The nice thing about the way soccer is done here is come spring they will be on the same team again.

Micah & Xavier are in cub scouts now. Micah is a Bear & Xavier is a Wolf. They both are enjoying it and are looking forward to the Halloween Party and Cub Scout Hike. After going through their books though I figured they will earn their Wolf & Bear badge in no time since 1/2 the stuff in the books they do naturally. There are only a few things that they will really have to learn. Then they can work on the arrow points. But first we have to get the Bobcat Badge, the only thing they need to do to earn that is continue practicing the Promise & Law of the Pack the rest of the requirements they have completed.

School is going well. We are finishing up our Pilgrim/Thanksgiving studies and are still working on the colonies and colonists. We spent the last month learning about trees and they are currently making a poster about what they have learned. We have been using a lot of library books for science and history. We are moving back to the human body in science with an emphasis on nutrition & health and will focus on that for the next month. Then move on to Atoms, Molecules & Elements in December. Math & grammar are going well. Micah is whizzing through his book and will be starting on the next book in Dec. while Xavier is right on pace in his book. We are reviewing and filing in gaps in their grammar lessons right now but plan to be in the 4th grade book by January. The only thing we really need to find to complete their schooling is a good spelling program. The boys go to gym every Friday for 2 hours. They are making friends and having a blast playing pool, air hockey, indoor hockey and other games. Today we are going on a field trip to Nelson's Farm Market (provided it stops raining). They will get to tour the farm, have a hay ride and buy some fruit/veggies and next week they get to go to a Honey Farm. Which should be interesting.

For the most part school is chugging along at a good rate and we are all are enjoying it.

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