Keeping Records

Last year I was really good about keeping records of the books we have read and things we did through out the year. Unfortunately this year I have not been as diligent about these things. Which is sad because last year I was in a state where the homeschool laws really did not require anything but now we live where I have to either have the boys evaluated by a teacher & keep a portfolio or they can take a standardized test. My only other option is to dis-enroll them as homeschool students and join an umbrella school. Which is what I might do. Either way I decided I need to go back and record the things we have done over the past few months. So I have been printing out some forms from and spent some of last night filling them out.

Of course I got sidetracked (like I normally do) and while filling out the books and curriculum we have been using this year I decided I really don't like how our school is going. We have gone on quite a few field trips and done extra-curricular activities but the book work has been tedious and down right boring. So of course once again I have decided to change course midstream :-)

We have mainly been using Rod & Staff this year. Which I like but it is not very hands on, nor is it very active. The boys do their school and I don't do much with them because it is all text books. So off to the store I went and I picked up SOTW 3. We did the first 2 books awhile back ago and we really enjoyed it then. We are going to do it 2-3 times a week and should finish the first week of July.

BUT what I am most excited about is the Creation Unit we are fixing to start. I have been reading HOWTA (Heart of Wisdom Teaching Approach) and it has really spoken to my heart. So I decided to give it a test drive with their Creation Unit. If it works out then we will do the Wisdom Unit next then take a short break and begin Adam to Abraham combined with SOTW 1 in August. I do have high hopes for this curriculum and pray that it all works out as well as I would like.

So now after printing galore and making a list of supplies I need to go pick up. We are off to the store. Hope everyone has a blessed day!


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