First Day with HOW Creation

Today we started HOW Creation unit and overall it went pretty well. We didn't get around to making a poster comparing the secular & Biblical worldview like I had hoped but I won't complain because we did compare the 2 on the white board. The boys also entered 3 words into their vocabulary notebooks. We are just starting those today so I am being a little lax when it comes to them writing a sentence using the new word. Xavier also found 3 words while reading so he entered those also. The boys copied 2 verses from Genesis for penmanship and did their math without complaint. That is the biggest miracle of all. They did not complain about school once today - yay! We took a short break for lunch and then started SOTW. Micah did not realize we were starting it and he was thrilled to see me pull out the new book. Another break then we finished up the day's work (it was already 3:15). Now the boys are playing FunKeys and enjoying some free time before dinner. We have scouts this evening so we will have our Bible Study as soon as we get home and then it is to bed the boys go.

It has been a Wonderfully Blessed Day!!


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Don't you just love those?