Another Week...

I honestly do not know where this week went. It seems like it just flew by which is always a good thing :-) I spent most of the week taking care of sick children. Micah is fighting the sniffles. Xavier seem to catch a 24 hour bug, he ran a fever for a day and that was it. Isaac has the worst of it he has a runny nose and had to have breathing treatments but praise God he has not had any today.

Co-op was canceled because of so many kids having a cold. Unfortunately it keeps making rounds there and I wonder if it is worth going to.

We are still working on the Creation unit. I like it a lot but we are not that good at pulling grammar, penmanship and the what not from a unit. So we are going to continue it but are going to stick to some texts for the 3 R's. We have been using a hodge podge of stuff this year and some has worked while other things haven't. So it was time to switch a few things, add a few things and rework our school. After much deliberation we are going to try Christian Liberty Press. I only ordered the things we need to finish the school year (English, spelling, penmanship & science) because the boys have almost finished those subjects with the books we have. I can't wait to get our stuff. I am not to thrilled with CLP readers but maybe I will change my mind. I know other people love the Nature Readers. I am praying that his is the answer to prayer and we will be able to stick with it next year and add on the Saxon math.

On another note... we went to a block party at a church today. The church seems ok but I was surprised that 1 - more people were not there and 2 - that the people were not as friendly as I would have expected. Not that I expect to talk a whole lot but only 4 people said hello and welcome. Not what one would expect if a new person came up to their "block party" which the public was invited to. I was hoping for more I guess, I did manage to find out what time the Sunday Service was before I left but then I found out that Joel's Papa is suppose to speak at his church Sunday. So I guess I am going to hear him speak ;-) As long as I get a message tomorrow I will be happy, I don't know what it is but I need the Lord to speak to me about a few things. Well I hope you all have a good night.

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