Day 1 - Time 4 Learning

Day 1 with Time4Learning... I had planned for the boys to only be on it for an hour or two today but I ended up letting them do almost all of their school work on the computer. At first Xavier said "ewww, I don't like it" but that did not last very long. Micah could not wait to try it out so I let him get on my computer and there went the day. Xavier was on it for about 2 hours before lunch an hour after lunch and then another hour that afternoon. Micah was on it for an hour before and after lunch and an hour in the afternoon. No complaining was to be had and they enjoyed it a lot. I was impressed with the parts they completed but we found that using our DSL connection the playground doesn't load very fast but we had no problems loading the lessons :-) So instead of allowing them to use the playground I figured for every so many minutes they do school I will give them a certain amount of time on the computer to play games. Which means if they are not on Nick they will be playing UBFunkeys or Zoo Tycoon. Overall I think that it would work out well as an add on to their school but not as their entire school program.Photobucket

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