Sunday's Happenings

My sis-in-law's church was having a friendship picnic today and she invited the boys and I to go. We had a nice time hanging out with her and her daughters. Plus her brother (yes my bro-in-law) was there with his wife and kids. So we enjoyed the food and watching the kids play. I saw an old friend of mine. She is now one of the Pastor's of the church. We had a nice talk and I was invited to their women's retreat. Not sure if I will go but I will think about it.

We got home about a quarter to 5 because we had to stop by the store on the way home. Isaac played while I started dinner and we caught up with Granny about her and Papa J's fishing tournament. She caught a 6 pounder - GO GRANNY! Unfortunately it was not big enough to take Big Bass but that is okay - next time she will get it for sure:-)

Now the boys are watching a little TV after eating some ice cream. Isaac is playing with his Noah's Ark Little People and I get to surf the net. I need to do some final preparations for tomorrow's lessons but I will probably start that after Isaac is asleep. Otherwise he will definitely want to help me and that usually turns into me cleaning up a mess of papers while I try to keep him at bay. Then again he can manage to make a mess of papers even without me working on them. Gotta go...

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