Time 4 Learning

I have heard a lot about Time4Learning on a yahoo group I am on and after reading a review in this month's Practical Homeschooling magazine I thought we would give it a try. Plus I wanted to check it out :-) After reading a few of the concerns on the parents forum and checking to see how fast it would load using one of their demo's I signed up. There is a money back guarantee if I am not happy with it and decide to cancel within the first 2 weeks. The cost is relatively cheap, for 2 children it is just under $40 a month. Okay so it is not that cheap because $40 can add up real quick but I am interested in seeing if it is worth it and if my boys actually learn using this type of "school work". The downside is that they review a few of the questions you answered pertaining to the placement of your child so they can set up their account. Which is a good thing except I am an impatient person and want to get started using it. So for the time being I get to sit and wait... It can take up to 24 hours for the boys accounts to become active depending on how many people have signed up. I sure hope it doesn't take that long but if it does then I guess we will add it to our school Tuesday instead of tomorrow. I have not told the boys they will be doing some of their schoolwork on the computer yet. Knowing them they will be excited at first I just hope that the excitement stays. We will know soon enough. Wish us luck :-)

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