Past Couple of Days

We have been quite busy the past couple of days. Wednesday we had co-op, I got to teach science to the 7+ but other than that I mainly hung out with Isaac in the little kid room. I am not sure how well the co-op is working out for us. The boys do not seem to be learning much BUT they do get to interact with a couple of kids their own age. Next week they will be staying for art so I am praying that everything works out. After lunch the boys helped Granny with her garden. They planted all kinds of seeds and are counting down to when they can harvest the crop. The garden is really big and has some of our favorite veggies :-)

Thursday my mom watched the boys while I went to the dentist. Micah mowed the backyard for her and Papa. He did a really good job but I need to take him back over there so he can mow the front. He loves mowing the yard (must be an age thing) because I don't find it as fascinating, lol. We didn't get home until almost 3 and Isaac decided it was time to play outside so that is where we were until it was time to start dinner. I do not know what get into him Thursday. He didn't go to sleep until almost 9:30. He was dancing and singing ;having a grand ol' time. Isaac loves music! He sings in the car, outside playing, in the house and everywhere he goes. He has no interest in TV unless music is coming from it. So yes he is an American Idol fan.

After school I took the boys to get new shoes. We went to the closest shoe store and Micah found a pair of sneakers and flip flops. Xavier on the other hand did not so we ended up at the mall. I tried looking for some skirts or dresses while we were there but I had no luck. I have come to the conclusion that I can either look like I am going clubbing or I can just not buy clothes that fit. So I am going to check out the thrift stores and hit the fabric store to pick up some material. Maybe I will do that this afternoon if I get the chance.

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