I joined the YMCA today, not quite sure how that happened to be honest. I am not the type person to work out AT ALL. I was planning to start walking a few times a week but it just hasn't quite worked out.

So there I was having a nice day at home with the kids. The boys are working on the computer, Isaac is playing and it occurs to me that I should put the boys in something. Not quite sure what that something is...

I decide to look in the phone book. A hundred martial arts listings flash before my eyes. Now Micah does not want to take martial arts but I think he should give it a try. (Micah is not the type of kid who wants to do anything outside of his comfort zone). Xavier on the other hand would love to get back into it :-) Hmmm... what about swimming? Somehow between martial arts, swimming and I wonder if they are having tennis lessons soon I ended up at the YMCA.

We signed up and I found out about all the classes they offer. The boys can even go in the fitness center (great, I may actually end up having to do something other than swim?) and they seem to be excited about the possibilities. Well except for the Micah having to give tae kwon do a try, he is not excited at all, lol.

I just pray that they will keep Isaac in the nursery (since he does not believe in being away from mom) so I can lay by the pool. A mom can dream can't she?

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Deborah said...

I love the name of your blog...we are 4 guys and a gal too!