Conviction or Condemnation?

I recently heard someone say the difference between conviction and condemnation is that a conviction moves us to take action while condemnation doesn't. How often are we convicted of something but still refuse to take action? Over the years I have been under conviction to change the way I dress. I have read numerous articles, searched the Bible, and looked for guidance in this area. Yet, after all I have learned when it comes to what the Bible says about modesty I still have not taken much in the way of action. Which is heartbreaking to the Lord. Why do I fight the changes he wants for me? Why do I look to my own ideas and not to the ideas of the Lord? My flesh seems to be stronger than my faith in God in this area. How do I overcome that? I finally started sorting through my clothes and have a bag of shorts and pants to get rid of. I could get rid of more but that would involve not having anything to wear. I go to the store and am lost. It would be easier if I had a friend in this area who I could go to and speak with and I do but rarely do I go to Him. I know the Lord will guide me if I was to truly seek His will in this area. I know that He would show me the way but out of condemnation I do not move. I sit and wait for no movement is sometimes easier. Eventually my faith in the Lord will overcome and my obedience will improve. Maybe today will be the day.

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Deborah said...

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It was so neat to come here and read this post, because my niece is having the same struggles and would sure like to talk to someone who is in the same spot. Check my sidebar for "Little by Little." This is her brand new blog.
Nice 'meeting' you!