I know this is probably strange but what is and how do you tag someone? I came across a contest and you are suppose to tag 5 people. Not that I plan on tagging you but... I would still like to know. Can anyone explain this to me?

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HsKubes said...

A Tag is like a "tag you're it" thing.
Sometimes people will "tag" you, which, basically, means they choose you to do something (many times it some kind "meme" where you answer questions, etc...). Usually in the "tag", after sharing your info (answering the questions, etc...) in your post, you are, generally, supposed to pick other people to pass it on to and they, in turn, will answer the "tag" in a post and then proceed to "tag" other people.
Hope that makes sense.
In order to "tag" someone, you share their name in the post that you do for the "tag" and then, usually, you can let them know by visiting their site and leaving them a comment that you've "tagged" them.
However, be sure to check their site for a "No Tag Zone". Some people ask not to be tagged.
Hope that helps some. ;o)

~ Christina