The boys and I headed up to Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park yesterday for a family camping trip. We met at Grandpa's house at 9 a.m. Friday morning so we could all caravan up to the park. There was a total of 8 adults and 10 kids going. Once at the campsite we set up camp, ate lunch, and then Uncle J & Aunt J, Aunt K & Uncle M, & Grandpa took all but 1 kid down to the lake and playground. Isaac & I stayed at the camp with Aunt M & Grandma J. We sat around and talked for awhile.

That evening we had a campfire, cooked hot dogs and hamburgers and had a wonderful time hanging out as a family. The kids played well into the evening and the boys went on a hike late that night. The only downfall was the temperature dropped and it was cold!

Micah and Xavier went canoing this morning before we headed back home. Unfortunately we could only stay one night but we are looking forward to doing it again. Only next time I have to remember my camera. Luckily everyone else took a lot of pictures and I should be getting some soon. Once I do I will add some to this post :-)


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