Weekend Fun

Saturday Micah and Xavier went with Aunt K and cousin J to the beach. They had fun playing in the waves and hanging out. Only downfall was Micah dove into a big wave and went face first into a jellyfish that was hiding under the water. He got stung right under his nose and on his neck. Luckily it is not to bad although there are marks. Xavier had a blast playing volleyball and really wants someone to play sports with him. So I am going to have to make a point that Micah and I go outside and kick the ball around or something. This is gonna be hard since neither Micah or I are sports oriented at all.

Sunday we did the usual - church & Nana's. The girls (the boys cousins) came over for dinner like normal and the kids had fun playing some tag game they made up. Micah also spent the evening helping down at the shop with Papa J. He loves working down there. After the girls left we studied our spelling words for tomorrow's test and then read some more in our book for book club. While reading is a good thing... its not. We finished the assigned chapters and book club doesn't meet for another week. The boys are anxious to get on with it. The question is should we go ahead and keep reading or stop reading it for the week since we have 3 more weeks to go with this book. Ahhh, what to do, what to do? Micah wants to work on the "homework" and start another book and wait to finish. Hmm. Maybe I will look at the store tomorrow to see what books I can find in the mean time.

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