I pulled out my Managers of Their Homes book this weekend and have been trying to put a new schedule together. We had used it awhile back ago but life changed and our schedule has been out of whack ever since. So after sitting down and trying to put a new one together I am think I have a basic plan to follow. I know it will need some tweaking so I haven't "written it in stone" as of yet. This evening we started following part of the new schedule and managed to give Isaac a bath, a shower for me, the boys through bedtime prep, putting Isaac to bed, and our nightly reading with only 1 problem. The problem - I have our reading scheduled for 1/2 an hour and lights out at 9, but we read for an hour. Instead of being a stickler on that issue I am going to leave it as a buffer. As long as the lights are out at 9:30 we should be okay. Tomorrow we will add a little bit more of the schedule to our day. I decided not to go full force because then it would be total chaos and we would be less likely to stick to it. I am really excited about being on a schedule again because as free spirited as I am work a lot better when I have my day planned out and know what it is I am suppose to be doing and when. Now to figure out where I can get more time into my day :)

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