Thursday's Tantrum

I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday! School has been a bear this week. The boys have not been wanting to cooperate and I thought about pulling my hair out at times. Somehow they are not able to finish 2 assignments in an hour (each should have taken about 1/2 hr each). Why? Because rolling across the living room floor wrestling was more important. We managed to get through spelling, page 2 of book club homework, math homework, reading in the history book, English, Lit. and SOW science. Really when I write that down it seems like it is a lot but considering how much goofing off was done I know we could have done a couple more things.

We took a break from our book club reading so we could work on our homework. However, we could not give up our nightly reading :) We started The Giver by Lois Lowrey (I think I spelled it right but I will double check in a little bit). It has started some really interesting conversations so far and we are only up to Chapter 6. The only downfall of interesting conversation is that it mean stalling bedtime :(

Regardless of the "Do Your Work" attitude I had and the boys "We Don't Want To" attitude. The day actually was pretty good overall. Yesterday I laid down the law:
1) No more TV between 8am-6pm on weekdays
2) No video games Sunday after 6pm until Friday @ 6pm
3) Computer Time is 1 hour a day Monday - Friday
4) Personal hygiene, breakfast, chores, music practice must be done by 9am
5) Quiet Time is starts at 7:30pm
6) Dessert had, pj's on, bed fixed and teeth brushed by 8:30pm

Of course there are consequences also, mainly loosing TV, video games, computer, earlier bedtime and things of that sort. So I woke up and although they were running a little late they were both done with everything by 9:15 this morning. It is a start.

On another note... right before dinner this evening Micah found a painted turtle in the yard. It was quite big and although we have no idea why he was in the middle of the field he was heading in the direction of the lake. We found out the other day that the lake has a 4 foot gator in it (the gator decided to go into our neighbor's yard). So now we are on gator patrol and the boys are no longer allowed to go down towards the lake. The lake was dry until Fay came through so we didn't have to worry about it before.

When dinner was over and the trash taken down to the curb the boys and I headed up to CVS. I broke Isaac's dinner plate tonight so we prayed we could find another one. Praise God, there was only 1 left so he now has his fish plate again (he picked out the only other plate there - an apple). Aren't they cute?

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