A Week In Review

TGIF! It has been one of those weeks where I am glad to see that it is over. We started the week with a sick baby. So first thing Monday morning I loaded him into the car and we went to the doctor. I probably would have let him just ride this cold out but I was out of albuterol so we had to go. What I did not expect was the ear infection and 6 prescriptions I had to pick up and a return trip on Wednesday. He has officially been diagnosed as asthmatic (which is a good thing) and he is now on a preventative. I just pray that the Lord heals him like he healed Xavier. The doctor appointment had us running a little behind in our Monday routine so the boys did not make it to their math class. However, we did make it to the One Room Schoolhouse in time for lunch/recess, spelling, countries and book club. Of course the boys had a blast (like usual). Afterwards we went and visited my mom & dad for a few minutes until it was time for their music lessons.

Tuesday was unproductive especially since I had a screaming toddler hanging on to my leg for the majority of the day. Unfortunately Wednesday did not fair much better. the screamer was still attached and we got an all expense paid trip back to the doctor's office on Friday. Praise the Lord - Friday's appointment found Isaac with clear lungs (which of the 5 medicine's helped I have no idea, lol) and ears healing. We have to continue to keep an eye on his ears because if he continues with the ear infections we will be getting tubes :( However the flu shot vaccine should be in next week where we get to make another trip to the doctor's office.

The two older boys are well and much to my surprise Xavier has been practicing his violin not only without me hounding him about it but also with great enthusiasm! dare I speak to soon... I do hope it lasts. Micah had to check my tires with his tire gauge and check the oil. He is planning a trip to the auto store to get the supplies to change my oil using his new tools. I don't think he can wait much longer, he is dying to use them, lol.

With a screaming toddler and me searching the internet for information on weaning and transitioning a child of 20 months into their own bed our schooling was not as productive as I had planned. However, we did get our homework accomplished and are halfway through the first part of the book we are reading for book club. Our SOW lessons didn't make it on to the agenda this week and I will have to re-schedule the lesson plan because of activities we have going on over the next few weeks. Oh - school is back in full force! I am so happy that "summer" is over and we can get back to being busy little beavers.

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!

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