One Room Schoolhouse

I dropped off the boys this morning at the One Room Schoolhouse. They absolutely love going to class there. However, this week I didn't hound them about their homework. I decided they needed to be more responsible and remember to do it. I did remind them a few times but it was not completed until this morning. I woke up to a child looking for his notebook so he could do his homework. When I came out of the bedroom both boys were sitting at the kitchen table trying to finish it all up. Xavier was almost in tears because he couldn't do it all. I was a mean mommy. I told him I was sorry he couldn't finish it, and maybe next time he should try to do it before the day it was due. Micah informed me this evening that he planned on doing his work this week and not at the last minute. I think a poor spelling test helped confirm the fact that he needs to study.

I will remind them a couple of times this week, but completing their homework is going to be left up to them.

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