Tuesday's Tidings

What a dreary day. I woke up this morning and decided to put together my grocery list and go shopping. Xavier came with me since I was heading to Wal-Mart. He needed a few clothing items. $200 later we got home and I still have half my list to fill. You can see the breakdown of what I spent the money on in the post Day 1 - 30 Days of Nothing. I still need to finish my shopping and take Micah to get some new clothes as well as hit the shoe store for Xavier. That Xavier has decided to grow out of everything he owns at one time.

At lunch time I let Isaac feed himself pudding. What a mess! He had a blast. He normally feeds himself all but the pudding/yogurt. Not that he can't just I normally don't want to tell him no a bunch of times as he tried to feed me and throw it on the floor. Today was not to bad. I did not get out of eating a few bites but he did keep the floor clean. After lunch Isaac went down for a nap and the boys started their homework from the One Room Schoolhouse. Technically we should be doing our school and not working on homework, but since they have taken the initiative to get it done I figured we can work on some of our school work later on today. I don't have a lot planned for the boys to do today but they both need to read some and work in their math books.

I am hoping tomorrow is a nicer day. I have decided to start walking/jogging again. I am hoping to run in the Thanksgiving Day 5K that is held every year here in town. Which means I really need to get back into shape. The plan is for the boys and I to go walking/jogging 3 times a week. Micah loved it when we use to jog before I got pregnant with Isaac, and we all could use the exercise.

Well, I better get back to dong something productive. Hope everyone has a great day!

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